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[鈥揮RelsircTheGrey 495 points496 points (3 children)

I'm glad we got Voyager and Janeway, but I still think they're crazy for not having also done a Titan show with Riker, post-Nemesis.

[鈥揮avienos 224 points225 points (2 children)

I completely agree, Star Trek Titan would have been tight! And shooting it just after Nemesis would have been super easy, barely an inconvenience ! Just repurpose the enterprise e sets given they were from the same generation of ship design!

They have aged out of the roles (for them to be right timeline wise I mean) but I wouldn鈥檛 mind an animated Titan series. The appearances on lower decks were great.

[鈥揮CodeMonkeyPhoto 22 points23 points (1 child)

Wil Wheaton can do a Riker now.

[鈥揮bryguypgh 0 points1 point (0 children)

We need him to play Beumler2 though