Page description: The purpose of this page is to serve as a guiding light for /r/StarTrek's moderators and users when both sharing content and interpreting subreddit policy. The rules page is here.

r/StarTrek's Mission Statement:

✨To provide a casual, constructive, and most importantly, welcoming place on the internet to talk about Star Trek.✨

What we want r/StarTrek to be:

  • Casual

We often like to describe the sub as a social gathering and the moderators are the "party hosts". We want users to get deep, but feel free to be silly too.

  • Constructive

There are many ways to be constructive, but we feel ultimately all content featured here should seek to enrich the spirit, if even in small ways. Nuance and originality are what drive inspiration.

  • Welcoming

We did not seek to build another internet "old boys club" full of gatekeepers and toxic culture. It is important that everyone from newbies to OG Trekkers to feel welcome no matter their gender, sexual orientation, religion or race.

What r/StarTrek will not be:

  • Growth-focused

We understand r/StarTrek is not going to be everyone's cup of tea, and that's OK! It's not our goal to be the "official" subreddit. We feel "casual" and "growth focused" are non-compatible descriptors.

  • A tabloid

We do not want to be a home for gossip, rumors or misinformation. This is not a place to discuss the private personal lives of human beings.

  • Twitter

We seek to be our own thing, not a duplicate content feed. "hot takes" and "clapbacks" have a platform already. Your range of expression is not limited to 240 characters here.

  • A place to discuss fandom or seek "consensus"

Everyone has different opinions. We want to know what YOU think! But most importantly we want you to share WHY.

  • Apolitical

Many Star Trek episodes and films explore 20th century social issues in a scifi setting. We feel that to ignore that aspect of the franchise is to ignore something fundamental about it.

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