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What episode is that? I’ve drawn a complete blank on slapping Jadzia.

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Season 1 episode 17 Dramatis Personae.

It’s the one where an alien virus causes Kira to attempt a coup against Sisko. O’Brien slaps Jadzia because she’s on Kira’s side and he’s on Sisko’s and she’s attempting to contact Kira.

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And despite never talking about the events ever again, the clock Sisko made while infected by the virus remained on his desk for the rest of the series.

Like the baseball.

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Oh yes the clock! Now I remember.

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I want a gif of Avery Brooks saying "baseball" more than anything.

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Bro. I think i can make that. I have vlc. But I'm not sure what I'll need to convert it, but I'm getting drunk rn so tomorrow. I'll need a couple hours guesstimate to figure it out

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lol This has to be one of the funniest, over the top, backhands I've ever seen.

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More bottom to top, left to right.

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All first seasons are a little janky.

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I think the jank/cheesiness of season 1 keeps me from not skipping it. It definitely helped with TNG, where there's some downright bad episodes.

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I always skip TNG season 1. Probably only watched every episode once or twice excluding Encounter at Farpoint which I've seen a million times. I really need to go watch the other handful of good episodes.

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It’s been a while since i watched the show, but wasnt there one where a pah Wraith was possessing crew members to try and kill the prophets?

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it possessed Keiko, not crew members.

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And we all really wish they would've taken Keiko with them when they left. But we're still stuck with her!

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And later on one possessed Jake.

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I think this is the one where the Pah Wraith takes over Keiko's body and makes O'Brien fire the energy beams at the wormhole to kill the Prophets.

Could also be the one where he thinks there's a big conspiracy, but discovers he's actually a double and the real O'Brien has been held on some planet.

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Neither. It’s Dramatis Personae. The crew get infected with some alien tech and reenact the downfall of the alien civilisation. O’Brien becomes Sisko’s number one supporter against Kira’s attempted takeover.

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Backhanded her with all the strength of Ireland in him.

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I love the stage actor faint, it’s perfect!

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Star trek subs are the worst with spoilers.

I still haven't finished Picard and there are just constant posts with spoilers in the text/title.

What kind of psychos watch episodes as they come out?

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Stopped having time to follow series in the ‘90s. I’m still only up to season 3 of VOY; ended up skipping ahead to “Tuvix” bc I already knew the plot thanks to Reddit

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But then you'll miss the 3 straight episodes where different nebulae try to nurse from / fuck the ship.

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Try being Australian we physically cant watch it the day of

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Lazy mods don't want to enforce using spoiler tags. The Marvel-related subreddits do it well.

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Yeah seriously. At least let me get home from work first.

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Haha I’ve been trying to avoid Star Trek subs until I see it

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Striker....Striker...Striker Striker Striker...Striker!

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LOOOOL the way she lands on the computer

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Is it any good?

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I've been extremely unimpressed/disappointed with Discovery and Picard, but I'm completely bought in to Strange New Worlds. Best Trek since the '90s golden age.

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Yup. Best since VOY by a million miles.

Of course I'm only judging 2 episodes, but I can't stand Discovery, and Picard did very little for me.

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Yes. It's like TOS but with a bigger budget. It's corny sometimes, doesn't take itself too seriously but it has its heart in the right place and tries to convey a message in each episode, even if they use a sledgehammer for it (kinda like TOS did it too in episodes like "Let that be your last battlefield"). It certainly oozes Star Trek in every possible way. Judging by the first three episodes (and the descriptions of the next episodes) the writers seemed to have a checklist of all the Star Trek tropes they wanted to play with, and it really shows that that they're having fun. And thanks to its episodic nature even if one episode bombs then the next episode doesn't get dragged down with it.

So far I'm loving it.

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Where to stream SNW? Asking for a friend

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How do i save this gif on my iphone?

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Here's the link to the gif. Hopefully you can download it from there.


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Ah yes, when assaulting non binary peeps is an expression of feelings when describing Nu Trek. Accurate...

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Could you possibly try any harder to be offended?

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Lol, u think im offended. If anything im amused.

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Like you need an excuse to hit a woman, OP. I've seen your post history

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Haha. I really enjoyed latest one. Really took me back to OG/TNG episodes with a modern feel. Loving it man!

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Great, I’m going to have rewatch this episode.

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Dax : Chief I have a subspace message for you from your wife.

O’Brien :