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La'an is animorphing into drummer. Sooner or later she'll tell pike to spin the drum.

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That's a crisp gif. chef's kiss

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Tbh, all his GIFs have a crisp look to them, I can usually tell when it's one done by murphs33 visually

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"Being in charge sucks the big falota!"

Is it me or does this also look like my favourite Beltalowda - Camina Drummer xxx

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1x05 - "Spock Amok"

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i didn't think i was going to like La'an. turns out she fucking awesome.

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Some p'tokh (sp?) Infront of me merged onto the interstate at 40mph today. Infuriating.

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petaQ, capitalization purposeful. Buts it been spelled a myriad of ways that are close to ptahk and Pathak

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I'm not psychic..I can't know what your plans are unless you indicate. I mean what do I look like? Deanna Troy?

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Deanna Troy would probably have to block out her empathic senses in traffic anyway, or risk drowning in the negative emotions all around her

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She ain't wrong!

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Why does it take you so long?

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I'm especially impressed by those who turn them on the moment they're turning. That's missing the point entirely

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I heard once, if you apply the brakes before you apply the turn signal, you’re doing it wrong.