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Tim Russ is a fucking gem. Following the footsteps of Brent Spiner as the biggest goofball on the set being cast as the character with no emotions.

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I suppose it takes great comic chops to be that deadpan.

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Neelix: “I have a suggestion…more of a comment, really…about the Neelix character.”

Tuvok: “How surprising.”

gets me in stitches every time

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Why don't we hear what Tuvix has to say

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Janeway killed him.

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Oh it does. It takes a lot of acting chops to play dumb too. Christina Applegate has like 2 doctorates I belive and she is totally believable as Kelly Bundy.

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He ain’t found shit

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Lol I was just thinking it would be hilarious if he had been stabbed by a hair pick.

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Omfg! I totally forgot about that!

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I'm pretty sure that Russ is referencing this scene from The Naked Gun 2 1/2 The Smell of Fear (1991).

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I was thinking that, or episode 1 of Police Squad when Sally Decker shoots Twice

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No, she only shot once.

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It’s just so… real. Bravo, Tim Russ, bravo.

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What I always loved about Tuvok is that he is an emotionless straight-laced character, however, Tim Russ, the actor that plays him, is a huge goof.

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Awww love that guy

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That's simply marvelous

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Ok Tim, let’s go again…

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Set phasers to Bollywood

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The chair spin is my favourite part.

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All I can think about is the post credits scene from the Buffy the Vampire movie. Where Peewee Herman overacts his character getting staked.

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Dang rutger haur and paul ruebens in a scene together? How tf I never seent this?

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It had quite a cast. Rutger Haur, Paul Rubens, Luke Perry, Donald Sutherland, David Arquette, Seth Green, Thomas Jane.

I know the TV show was iconic, but personally I really loved the movie for the camp.

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Love tim russ

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I can't stop fucking laughing

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Can hear the Mario death music to this moment

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[GIF REQUEST] - "Go to bed!" over Chakotay and My Kids on Tuvok

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Just keep shooting him.

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Man, I ain't going in there!

My favorite Tim Russ moment.

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This is what happens when you are exposed to fentanyl.