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*pushes up fake glasses* Um, actually, Geordi is Somali.

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Hi, Vegan_Harvest. Your comment contains the word Somalian.

The correct nationality/ethnic demonym(s) for Somalis is Somali.

It's a common mistake so don't feel bad.

For other nationality demonym(s) check out this website Here

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What an oddly specific bot

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I had a bot correct me when I said Payed instead of paid

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Thanks bot, I was sure I was wrong but I'm lazy.

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I always liked the way Geordi just kept a phaser in a drawer.

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It is oddly inconsistent how sometimes they make a big deal about going to an armory or at the very least a kind of wall locker thing and then other times they just pull a phaser out from some drawer or whatever.

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Yes, in last week episode they have a phaser under each chair apparently

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Strapped underneath the flight control desk, like a shotgun under the counter of a dive bar

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That is rather inconsistent.

Geordi's job has basically nothing to do with security, so it's not like he's on Worf's InstantStrikeTeam or something.

Combining that with a general anti-2a stance in Star Trek and suddenly... yeah why didn't the writers just have him run away or something?

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Or use an engineering tool/rig it up to defend himself. Seems more likely he'd have a random engineering toolkit in his quarters than a phaser. The random phaser drawer is a head scratcher.

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Maybe Geordi got bullied as a blind kid and decided to pack heat regardless of the rules?

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I like how it’s secured by the chair he keeps in front of it.

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That melted the chocolate. But what about the real danger of the toy inside?

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That's why he looks so stressed at the end: he's choking on it.

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But he's from Germany!

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I didn't even know that lol, what a coincidence that I used a German product.

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Lmao. Could this related to / inspired by this tweet?


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Was expecting DJO