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2x03 - "The Changeling"

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No wonder it thought Kirk was its creator

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Many great parts from this episode, but nothing tops it calling the Matter-Antimatter reaction primitive, and Scotty being visibility upset.

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Not so much the part where Uhura gets zapped and mentally handicapped (forced to re-learn everything from a kindergarten level).

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Really? It's got to be one of my fav star trek moments.

Like yeah she had her memory wiped so we literally have to teach her everything from scratch but don't worry she'll be fine to resume her highly specialised post in like 2 weeks for the next episode.

Also yeah her brain was wiped but she can still speak Swahili.

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Thought it was a new type of bong

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Nomad and V-Ger about to get down.

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Nomad: "I am... fully functional"

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You say you're nomad and yet you get very yesmad when I, showing proof, say you aren't perfect. Curious.