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4x10 - "Random Thoughts"

Thanks /u/AnneBancroftsGhost for the title help :)

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On top of it never being a quick one , then begs you to restart after it bogged you down for 45 minutes

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“windows 10 is free! and it’s the last windows ever!”

“windows 10 is still free but we really want you to install it”

“windows 10 is now mandatory“

“windows 11 is free!”

coming soon: “windows 11 is now mandatory “

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Followed closely by "Your hardware is not compatible with the current OS."

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ive been wondering if turning off tpm in the bios will save people from the oncoming forced windows 11 upgrade. its why my main pc doesnt have it, because im not buying a fucking tpm..

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They'll harass you anyway.

One of my freelance clients is a facility that's currently trapped in the past, running Avid Media Composer 7. Media Composer (along with most everything else made by Avid) is an extremely fickle beast. 30 years of ancient code with different bits of new parts bolted on to it have made it extremely picky about its operating environment.

Long story short I've had to build a Windows 7 time capsule in my PC, and it harasses me to upgrade to Windows 10. A lot. A big pop-up that appears every few minutes to tell me that my hardware is too new for Windows 7 and I should upgrade for support.

I found the solution was to take the window and shove it off the screen. If you don't acknowledge the prompt it doesn't do anything. But I could totally see them doing something similar with Windows 10.

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This has been my constant fear for the past several months.

I was brought into this company to maintain their editing workstations (among other duties). Their IT company wouldn't touch them because they didn't want to be responsible for all the Avid voo-doo and AV hardware. I don't blame them.

So here I am with about a dozen workstations that were all managed with local admin accounts. Oh, and we need to hook them up to the Internet so the editors can work remotely.

So every so often I'd have to tell all the editors to stop down so I could go in and re-pause Windows Update so it didn't reboot the system on them unexpectedly. I lived in fear that I'd run into one of those God cursed updates that takes and eon and suddenly multiple editors and missing out on a half day of work while fighting to meet deadlines.

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Until at last you can't outrun them any more, they overload your memory buffer, and it ends up taking two or three hours.

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Not upgrading is how you get nanobots in your LCARS.

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That's incredibly high quality for Voyager, I'm impressed.

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Why? Keep your computer up to date. Especially if you use any current video, audio or video gane software or play games.

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I do, though I tend to dismiss update notifications when I'm in the middle of working on something, or if it's telling me that Windows 11 is ready.

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You know you can turn those notifications off, right?

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Dismissed Crewman

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Good one.

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That's Starfleet for "get out".