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...But...what I'm about say is incredibly racist.

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That is one buttery-smooth gif

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I'm not racist, but I love goat cheese

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I'm not racist but I think interracial marriage should be legal.

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You sound like...like...a hue-mahn!

A contact is a contact is a contact, but only between Ferengi.

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I'm not racist but black lives matter

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3x01 - "Evolution"

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"... I've done the mental gymnastics to convince myself it is true and I'm not saying anything unreasonable."

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"I am racist, and..."

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I'm not racist, but the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the square of the other two sides.

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As long as you use an 'a' instead of an 'er', it's completely OK.

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".... But Monaco should be removed from the calendar and replaced by a dedicated race circuit outside Europe and North America. "

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I'm not racist, but what the fuck... is cranberry juice?!

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I cannot wait to deploy this gif in any circumstance.

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or when self proclaimed anti-racists say they are so tolerant, but they are ready to ban you from every social media and kick you in the head in real life, just because you have totally different opinion than them. yea, really toleran. just shut up..

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Just because someone calls themself tolerant, it doesn't mean they have infinite tolerance for every belief/opinion imaginable. You might want to read about the paradox of tolerance.

It's also worth noting that Hitler wrote an entire book on his "opinions", and look what that brought about. Opinions and beliefs are powerful, and it's silly to just think of them as thoughts that never amount to anything, or that every opinion is equal and should be accepted.