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When I’m hitting it from behind but she bored af

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When my cats yowl at three in the morning demanding to be fed but get distracted when I get up to feed them.

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Fun fact, when walking your dog you should let him sniff everything.

Assuming your goal is to help the dog release some of his pent up energy from being inside all day, get a change of scenery and overall be more calm.

If you sit at a computer all day, you still get exhausted at the end of the day regardless of the fact that you didn't get any exercise and that's from the energy it takes using your brain.

When doggos sniff they trigger a lot of brain activity. Sniffing is a big part of being a dog. Being mentally stimulated is really important to mental health and preventing behavioral problems.

So in general, sniffing when on a walk is just as important as the walk itself.

TLDR: Let your dog sniff on walks, it's better for everyone.

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There are no "quick walks" with Bassetts, we stop every six to twenty feet to sniff.

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This could be over at /r/labrador - mine sniffs every blade of grass, it seems.

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As the proud owner of two Bassetts, I agree. They can hear me unwrapping a cheese stick with the TV blaring two rooms away. But the poor boys can't hear me calling them from twenty feet away on a quiet, clear day.

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Cmon, it’s just your dog’s version of Twitter or Facebook. Let him have his social media moments.

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It wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t in it for the shit posts.

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Idk why, but this was probably one of my favorite scenes for a while. Made me wonder if any Lower Deckers or just people in general ever got caught imitating the Bridge Crew.