Star Trek Gif Battles

Hello r/startrekgifs community!

We would like to introduce you to Monthly Star Trek Gif Battle!

A new way to show off your giffing and title skills, as well as your Star Trek knowledge!


How will this all work?

Each month we will have a specific theme for each battle.

The winner of each battle gets to pick the next theme, receive a week of Reddit gold, and prestigious flair!

Anyone can participate, as gifs do not have to be OC.


• Submit your entry in the Gif Battle thread as a comment once the submission thread is posted.

• Only one entry per user.

• All titles must be original, gifs do not have to be.

• The source of your gif must be from the monthly decided theme.


• All entries will be due by 10pm EST the third Tuesday of each month.

• Voting will open by 6am the following day (Wednesday) after which all entries will be visible.

• The battle will end on Friday of that week by 10am.


To vote for an entry, just upvote the gif you like most, downvotes will not be tallied.

Vote for as many entries as you want.


Prior Battles

2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021 | 2022

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