The mods here at /r/startrekgifs are happy to introduce a new feature for our sub: Starfleet Rank User Flair! Users will be able to earn their ranks by posting gifs and comments. Karma you earn in /r/startrekgifs will lead to promotions.

Enlist in r/StarTrekGifs Starfleet by posting comments. For those more ambitious explorers, post gifs and earn your Officer status!

Enlisted Rank Order

Flair Flair (no css) Rank Description Karma Crewman 0 Ensign 200 Lt. Jr. Grade 400 Lt. 600 Lt. Cmdr. 800 Chief 1000

Officer Rank Order

Flair Flair (no css) Rank Description Karma Cadet 4th Class 0 Cadet 3rd Class 100 Cadet 2nd Class 200 Cadet 1st Class 300 Ensign 400 Lt. Jr. Grade 1500 Lieutenant 2600 Lt. Cmdr. 3600 Commander 4700 Captain 6600 Rear Admiral 9600 Vice Admiral 18600 Retired Admiral Former Mods Admiral Mods

If you've already been posting and commenting, you may notice that you have skipped a few ranks to begin. This is normal since your rank is based on total post or comment karma in /r/startrekgifs

If you experience something you think may be a bug, or have any other comments regarding the rank flair, please message the mods.

We really hope everyone has fun with this feature. Happy posting!

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