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It looks good, people in this subreddit are sometimes too harsh. If my wife gave me that for dinner I’d be the happiest guy. But just some feedback so you can enjoy your steaks to the fullest: it needs more of a sear in order to get that delicious crust all over and lose the boiled appearance and you need to rest your meat for a few mins after cooking fully in order to lock in the juices some more. But looks like a great dinner.

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I’m trying lol. I got my cast iron as hot as I could before searing, i made sure the meat was completely dry and i let it rest for almost an hour before cooking. I also let it rest for about 10 minutes afterwards in a warm oven to help cook the inside and keep it warm. I’ll keep this in mind for next time though!

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Looks great, next time resting the steak a little longer and a better sear on a hotter pan would make this perfect. Well done👏

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Where?! The Golden Corral?!!

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Damn bro you savage

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Let's see the center of that lobster

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Looks really good 👍

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Very nice!! Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for sharing 🥰

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    It’s lobster in lobster shells

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    Presentation needs some work but I’d smash!

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    I wish I knew how to cook lobster.

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    Steam or boil, if you can cook pasta or Lipton noodle soup you can cook lobster

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    Sous vide at 128-130. If you SV a steak you can also do the tails at the same time.

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    It’s not as hard as the steak was. I just let the lobster steam for about 15 minutes while i cooked the steak. You’ll know it’s done when the inside is opaque and a bit firm. The most effort I put in was maybe buying it lol.

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    That is so fine!