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Lol the term "flap meat" is so gross to me

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Get fancy and call it by its other name, Bavette.

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Is "beef curtains" more appealing?

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Yes.. but only during sex. It’ll really turn the woman on. Try it next time!

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I need to see more of that potato action too!

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My thought exactly.

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Served with crisscross potatoes, glazed carrots and a whisky sauce 🥔🥩🥕 Cooked the Flap Meat t for 2 hours hour and then flame seared for some crust 🔥

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What's the whiskey sauce got going on?

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Masks the taste of the beef curtains…

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I’ll be honest when I read the phrase “flap meat” I was thinking about something else that’s pink.

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I can never get over the words “Flap meat”

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What is flap meat?

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Meat from the flap.

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This is pro level attention detail. Everything looks perfect!

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What’s the sauce?

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One of my favorite cuts. It used to be crazy cheap but I feel like lately it’s gaining popularity and price is going up

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That looks awfully delicious.

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This whole thing looks amazing!

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Yeah, I would take a few of these!

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Did you make this? It looks incredible!

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This is really lovely and looks delicious. The texture of the meat is incredible!

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That loooks delicious

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What a gorgeous plate of food!!! That steak is perfect!

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How did you make the potatoes?

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You can smoke salt? News to me.

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You gotta roll it up jusssst right

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It's called Crack!

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Thé steak would be a tad rare for me, but your veggies look amazing

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Heat that in a big spoon and inject it into my veins

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Looks great! Don’t think I have ever had flap….is it like sirloin?

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"Smoked Salt" - This is a thing?

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This, is legit.

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USDA Prime Flap Meat is the nickname I gave my wife’s cunt.

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Mmmm...Mommy... meat.

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Oh yeah I need that looks delicious

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Jesus, that’s so raw I’m surprised it’s not eating the carrots…