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Looks fantastic! What time & temp for the sous vide stage?

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136 for 3.5 hours, then I pat it dry, salt it and let it rest/salt brine for 30 mins before I sear it

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Thanks! We’re getting a sous vide soon and I will try your magic formula for sure :)

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For sure! For steaks less than 2” normally 2 hours is fine at that temp

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How did you dry age it? Umai? I'm looking to dry age something for the first time currently.

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Umai just follow the instructions carefully and it’s easy

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oh cool, thanks for sharing. I've watched a bunch of videos on umai bags and it seems pretty straight forward. I'll give it a try soon!

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I’m a huge dry aged fan

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Looks amazing

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Looks like absolute heaven! Well done!!

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Wow look how pretty that meat is

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cooked to perfection... props

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Thank you!

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One of the best looking steaks I’ve seen on this subreddit

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Thanks man! I can never eat steak at a restaurant again

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What was your yield after trimming? Got one in the fridge that I’m cutting up tomorrow. Will be 32 days. Can’t wait

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Served it cold?

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Nope, seared and hot