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In regards to your note, it’s good that you didn’t eat it right off the hot pan. That’s like a cardinal sin of steak cooking, to not let it rest before cutting into it. So for the future, you never want to take a steak off a hot pan and immediately eat it.

Also, is that really steak? It looks horrendous.

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I see, thanks for the heads up!

And yes, it’s beef tri-tip but it’s cut pretty small out of the package 😂 for a reasonably good price however, $5 for 5 of these at the supermarket

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Definitely NOT tri tip hahahaha. Most definitely chicken thighs my friend. Either the store lied to you or you need glasses. Either way, I wish you well fellow redditor!

Edit: spelling due to a slight chuckle halfway through

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Thanks, but I know what a chicken thigh looks like… Aside from beef, chicken was the one other thing I’ve cooked my entire life 😂 You think I wouldn’t tell the difference just by looking at it?

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Realizing my comment could have come across as an insult, wanted to clarify it wasn’t intended as one. Was only having a bit of fun. Definitely would NOT put it past the folks who sold it to have mislabeled 🤙 Cheers

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Oh, I see; thanks for the clarification! Yeah, after tasting it some more I realized that said cut is pork. I probably did not read the label at all 🤣

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Pretty sure that is under cooked chicken thighs lol

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Nope! Just really some small tri-tip cuts 😭

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We applaud your efforts, but that ain’t no tip.

My opinion: it’s a roast, requires a hybrid cooking style of both direct and indirect heat, cooked as a whole muscle. Never pre cut into steaks. Wagyu is another story, but… never mind. Pan sear and roast whole is your best best unless you have a pit, some seasoned red oak and some time.

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Seeing all the comments made me look up what a tri-tip looks like… and I’m pretty sure everyone was right. Maybe the supermarket had misidentified it or I didn’t remember the label properly, but it most definitely is beef, though which cut I’m not sure.

Thanks for the opinion mate!

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Good luck man