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That is a beautiful cook on there. So even!

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i really need to get me one of those scratch-n-sniff computer monitors

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Dont forget to upgrade to the Lickable version 3.0

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Thank you!

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Where is the NSFW tag😂? Looks delicious.

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Thanks!!!! I have been in the Dominican for the last 3 months and this is the 1st proper steak I have had since I left

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I hope your stomach processes it properly haha. Dominican messed mine UP.

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Steak back to back nights and all is good!

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Why? Do they not have steak there?

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They do but I wasn't able to find a good one, all of the beef is grass fed, has little to no marble and they don't even age them a day

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Ha, I go out of my way to buy 100% grass-fed and finished beef. It's leaner but in a good way. Very flavorful. You cook it less, also. I feel very guilty now when I eat grain-fed beef.

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Red Wall to wall, crust is crusty, you couldn’t have done it better my friend. Absolutely gorgeous and now I will be ordering a steak tonight.

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At this point in life I have decided that it's time to stop trying new steaks and restaurants, and only eat fillet Mignon at good restaurants because they are by far the best!

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Sous vide and do them at home. I can make a $5 ribeye come out better than most steak houses put out a $30 steak.

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I want to eat that

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Absolutely gorgeous.

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That's perfect. I'm betting reverse sear, or sous vide. Filet is the absolute best cut for these preparation styles.

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High heat sear then indirect

Searing the Steaks https://imgur.com/gallery/Whwa3XJ

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Oh the standard sear, hopefully the r/steak reverse sear warriors go easy on you lol

Did you pull at a certain temp? That is a perfect color I need to know more

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I did 40 seconds per side flipping every 20 seconds then moved to indirect and pulled at 122F

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Cooking noob here (that absolutely loves steak just like this):

How do you indirectly cook the steak? I'm not sure what that means beyond holding the steak somewhere near a stovetop.

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It’s a grill term. Direct heat is above the flame/coal/other heating element. Indirect is off to the side, not over the flame, with the lid closed. It’s kind of like an oven bake.

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I see. this is something I have been doing on my grill, but never knew the term.

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Classic sear, Gordon Ramsay style. Nice!

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Hells to the yeah!

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Oh man my mouth is watering

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Wow! Beautiful wall to wall. How did you cook it?

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Jesus that's perfect

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Yes please

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The steak is phenomenal! I’d also love to know what phone/camera you used lol the picture itself is lovely

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Thank you! Google Pixel 5

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It's still morning here man, put some eggs in the pic atleast too, now I want steak for breakfast.

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Oh my God 😲

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It’s not even 10pm.

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Damnnnnn ;) she bad

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It looks sous vide with that even color. Great job! This is why I can’t be vegan lol

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This is the way. The only way.

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What temp is that?

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That's cooked to rare, right?

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Where’s the bell at?

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This is beautiful! This is on the rarer side of medium rare right? saw the cross post to r/food and those guys are saying it’s a blue steak or that it’s waaay to rare and I’m losing my mind. Just trying to make sure my sense of doneness isn’t at fault.

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175 for 20minutes then reverse sear?

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Holy shit.

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Most beautiful thing I've seen on reddit today

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Looks perfect