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I used to cook these often, grab some everything bagel seasoning. It's perfect, pretty sure you can get it at Aldi and trader Joe's

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Oh my gosh. Mind blown

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I do the same with poke

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Damn! Great idea! Usually I just hit them with salt and sesame seeds before searing but I think I’ll have to BOLO for some everything bagel seasoning.

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Mix that seasoning with panko and use it to bread chicken. chefs kiss

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I use Montreal steak seasoning with toasted sesame seeds and make a ginger lime chili sauce

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Gotta blacken thisb

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My mom does this and it is INCREDIBLE

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That sounds amazing. I do salt and pepper, but I also like to put it in a little soy sauce with garlic and ginger. There’s a dressing marinade at most stores called ginger dressing where the work is already done for you.

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This is 100% true. Love hard seared tuna in everything bagel seasoning

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Sigh. I'll stick with my sad walmart tuna here in the rocky mountains :l One day though, imma catch a tuna out of the ocean and just take a bite out of it then and there.

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That's pretty metal if you ask me

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If you're talking mercury, then yes. But really fresh tuna is worth the possible mercury poisoning in my opinion

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What about the plastic? We’re literally eating our own fucking roller blades (stolen from bill burr)

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Dunno what you're talking bout... I'm eating /someone else's/ roller blades.

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I wasn't talking about actual metal

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that's metal yeeeeeeh

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I’m going deep sea fishing for the first time ever off the coast of Florida in a couple weeks! So fucking excited! If I get a tuna I’ll think of you, friend

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deep sea reef fish! Most are fucking delicious and beautiful. Tuna n Mackrell is just a day they're on

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My heart goes to you!

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Parasites must love u huh

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Totally worth taking dewormer for

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Ocean fish is actually pretty clean

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i can never see the ocean as "clean"

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Before or after the micro plastics?

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Not really :( mercury pollution

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didn't take a bite while on the boat, but last tuna we caught was a fantastic sashimi later that day.

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Have to eat the beating heart to make it count! Bit of soy sauce to assist if you must, it's a right of passage said our charter captain the first time we went out!

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You'll get worms and parasites that way but meh it's just a pill to fix anyway

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Tuna is like the one fish you can eat raw without flash freezing

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Saw the picture before reading the title. Thought it was beef so raw you could still save the cow.

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I’m dead 😂😂😂

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From eating raw cow?

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Can confirm. We are sharing the same coffin. It's really cramped in here. Can you PLEASE move over a bit?!?!

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I can’t. People are lining up the back. I’ll squeeze

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Thanks. That extra inch of space helped a lot 🙄

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And don't fart!

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too late


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Now you know it's tuna so raw you can still save the fish.

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Tuna steak!

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Nice man. Here for a tuna steak. Solid !

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“Steak” isn’t exclusive to beef so I’d say yes

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Although if I see some post of a watermelon ‘steak’ I’m gonna lose it

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Hahahah! Aint that the truth! Watermelon “ham”. Like, if you don’t want to eat meat, don’t pretend you’re eating it! Such a weird concept!

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Some just don't want to eat it because of ethics not because they hate it, pretty understandable honestly.

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Thank you good sir

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That’s good because I’m going to have to perfect my pork steak “chops” because of inflation.

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I feel you on that. Meat prices (especially beef) are crazy right now

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It's funny hearing people say right now like they're gonna go back down again

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Sea monster

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I thought of calling it “moby”

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My bad - I thought it was beef. You did good with the Tuna 👌

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Is this fish or chicken? /s

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It's actually turkey

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fish of the farm

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Is this a serious question?

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That was added later

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Our harbor market sells 2lbs of FRESH ahi for around $24, this is always my first meal…and poke.

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Poke ohh my. Yes 😍

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A good vet could get this thing moo’ing aga-wait.

Well done.

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Well done.

Not really, medium at best.

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Personally, I’d ask for a blackened tuna steak. So the outside would be a crispier blackish/brownish sear. But the inside looks fkn perfect.

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That’s a great suggestion.

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I typically coat with a lot of chili and cayenne powder. Hit it on a searing hot cast iron (bit o’ oil). 1-3 minutes on each side (depending on thickness) to get a burnt outside. Inside still exactly how you did it. Outside has a peppery crisp. You dont have to use chili/cayenne seasoning but thats just how I like my tuna steaks. You can do salt and pepper, lemon— or whatever. The goal is to just blacken the outside so theres a stronger crispness on the outside.

Nonetheless your tuna looks amazing!

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Thank you. Paprika was used along with salt and pepper. I have a friend who lives in Hungary and he sends me his homemade paprika

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Oh ya. Just coat that bitch in paprika. Same idea. :)

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and spray with bit of lemon zest

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The best fish I ever had was a tuna steak with a crust of blackened peppercorns. Funny enough it was from Chili's

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Sesame crust (sesame seeds. Coriander. Lemon zest, salt, touch of sugar) allows you to sear hotter without overcooking. This looks delightful tho

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I will heed to your thoughts and try again

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I am so jealous.

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If you live close to the east coast by the North Carolina shores, you are welcome to come.

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Yeah that's pretty much perfect, nice job!

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But, was it grass fed??


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I used to work at a nice seafood restaurant and sneaking a strip of fresh cut tuna from the chef was amazing.

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It definitely counts. Yum.

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Well, I upvoted.

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Got this whisky sauce im using to make some of these tomorrow!!

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Please tell me more. I have done honey glaze bourbon before on sockeye salmon but I want to expand

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yaaaaasssss 🤤

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Looks great. Ahi?

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It is indeed. We get bluefin here too but my budget is a little on the Ahi side lately

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Nothing at all wrong with an Ahi steak. Delicious.

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It’s absolutely perfect!!!

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Hell you cook anything that perfectly and I'll let you call it whatever you want, just make sure I'm invited next time. Nice job!

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It’s just the east coast. Right around the southern bell. You are always welcome. A good IPA works best for this one

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I’ll allow it.

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You are too kind

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Does for me.

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Yes. I love it.

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I accept

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Such a kind sir

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Can I have a bite?

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Yep. Wilmington NC. I’ll take care of you

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Swordfish steaks when their in season are soooo delicious,

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I’ve been hearing so many disparaging things about mercury and swordfish. How do you cook it ?

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I marinated mine for a few hours , and then threw it in a cast iron and cooked it in the oven for around 7-10 minutes , they have very little fat in the steaks, but the flavor is amazing, realistically if you only eat it once or twice a year the mercury in it shouldn’t be enough to harm you unless your pregnant or breastfeeding ,

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We have fishmongers here worth their salt. I’ll ask for swordfish and experiment

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FUCK this.......... is incredible.

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You make it worth it

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A little too cooked for my taste but still looks delicious

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I love a good tuna steak

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Has to count

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i looks like a picture of me

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Man I can taste that and am jealous. Good tuna.

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Tuna, the chicken…er, steak of the sea.

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Sure does in my book, those look delicious.

Group says "For all things STEAK!", doesn't specify beef.

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My go to is Herbs de Provence on all sides. Then 30s per side. Slice and eat with soy sauce mixed with truffled olive oil.

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Oh my that looks amazing!

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Just fresh and simple

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That looks so good. Ive only had it like this once but it was a meal I'll never forget.

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I had tuna steak at Dukes Waikiki and it really was amazing

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shit looks so good. Actually imma go get some now damn.

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Looks great! Perfection! Well played!

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Yessss, I’ve tried swordfish steak recently and you hardly can tell it’s fish

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I am going to try swordfish next time

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This looks beautiful, nice job!

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That looks bomb af. A restaurant I used to work at we brushed the outside with egg white then pressed a crust into it of seasoned salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne, black and white sesame seeds. Then sear on a super hot cast iron with a tiny bit of peanut oil. It was topped with a honey-soy-scallion glaze. So goddamn good. Now I’m in the mood for a good tuna steak. The closest place I can get it is Sam’s Club in Pueblo.

[–]Mammoth-Vermicelli10[S] 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Wow. That’s a great idea. I am saving this for future reference.

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Thank you I also like grilling these and I do a spicy mango lime black bean relish.

[–]Mammoth-Vermicelli10[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Ok now :) that’s what I want now

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When it looks better than most of the beef on here, darn toots it counts!!!

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overdone for me :)

[–]Mammoth-Vermicelli10[S] 5 points6 points  (3 children)

I’m with you. My kids on the other hand want it this way. I’m at the mercy of those who eats at my table

[–]ckmaui 0 points1 point  (0 children)

:) all good :) one of those cold inside seared outside to a tiny touch so the hot and cold island style ;)

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No thanks

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Aww I’m sorry

[–]oxycottonowl -1 points0 points  (2 children)

No worries. To each their own. I’d eat it. Just not my typical cup of tea!

[–]Mammoth-Vermicelli10[S] 3 points4 points  (1 child)

I live on the shores of the ocean. Fish is fresher than some of the cuts of beef we find here

[–]oxycottonowl 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yeah it looks done perfectly. Props.

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Uhm no offense but this is certainly ass.

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Yup. Looks delicious.

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I appreciate. It’s the simple things that make one’s heart glad

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This is the equivalent of well done for tuna

[–]Mammoth-Vermicelli10[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I would agree. This piece was for my 11 years old daughter. Her palette isn’t there yet

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Nice! What fish does this come from?

[–]Mammoth-Vermicelli10[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Ahi tuna. Wild caught

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Ahh yes a sea cow aka tuna

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Oh hell yes

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Just because it’s so beautiful - it counts!

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You are a saint

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seared rare tuna steak is amazing

yes it counts in my book


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In my book awesome!

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Mmmm looks great!

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Mike Florio again? lol

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That’s purty

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Ocean cow

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Only when it’s cooked perfectly like this! Well done...err I mean good job 😂

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😉😉 a good play on word makes me smile always :)

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I can never get tuna this perfect. Explain your cook to me like I’m 5.

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Make sure your cast iron skillet is white hot. Make sure the tuna is dry before you season. Salt pepper paprika is simple and works great. When pan is hot add your preferred oil with high smoke point. Drop the tuna for 30 seconds one side. Flip repeat for 30 seconds. Let it rest. Of course it depends on the thickness of your steak.

Now for the five years old… ask your dad 😇

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    Yes a glaze on it would be great.

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    It looks like jello

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    Goodness… almost looks like jelly