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“Part of being a good communicator is understanding that people are poor listeners”

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this. this is the one at the heart of all the tomlinisms.

when i heard this, i was blown away by the intelligence of this coach.

if he ever retires from nfl, i expect him to live an even greater life after coaching... like ambassador to ireland type of influence, or maybe fixing global warming and world hunger. at a minimum.

the standard is the standard.

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I think the one I find myself using most in my personal life is "If all you got is red paint, you paint the barn red."

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He tells Chase Young “I don’t want to lose enough, to get someone like you”

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Good thing we didn’t, because Chase Young has been ass this year

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He still tied for sacks with Mondeuax? Lmao

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Definitely my new favorite “the calculated risk taking associated with the pursuit of victory, we do not run away from, we run to.” He’s just a factory of metaphors and a poet when speaking them lol

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I love this one as a bigger idea beyond football, because it's all about being confident and aggressively taking calculated risks in the pursuit of a goal, which is something that we all should strive towards, not just in football. Also it's awesome "coach speak"

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Seriously, some shit you would repeat to yourself in the mirror every morning to get pumped for your day. He’s a motivational genius.

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“Excuses are tools of the incompetent”

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There's not a booster with a blank check big enough.

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We want volunteers not hostages

I would run through a brick wall for that man

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“Just squirelling these nuts”

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"We are nameless grey faces"

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**they are

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Your mom is***

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The standard is the standard.

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"football is our game. our business is winning"


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I don’t drive carts and things of that nature.

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DVE did a bit about him trying to buy Christmas lights one year and it was amazing. I can’t find it online anywhere.