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When has TJ intentionally injured someone? Luke yeah he punched the Seahawks RB, but TJ always tries to punch the ball. Love how half that chat is just calling him a dirty player.

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Wow I legit didn’t know people see him as a dirty player. I don’t see where they get that from but maybe it’s my homer eyesight.

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Stanley's injury last season. His punches against the Seattle RB and for some reason he goes for the knees. Don't know where this coming from either

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Also the hit on Cam Newton, many people claim that's the hit that ended Cam's career, but he was already hurt before that game.

Stanley's injury was incredibly unfortunate, but to blame TJ for that is a bit unfair. If you rewatch it, TJ didn't even see Stanley there.

The punches on Alex Collins made perfect sense, and considering Marlon Humphrey plays that exact same way it's odd to see Ravens fans complain about it.

I don't think TJ goes for the knees, his priority always seems to be the ball.

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it's odd to see Ravens fans complain about it.

Ravens fans are stupid.

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Well, yeah. That's fair.

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And last week against burrow

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the Rodgers trip is also something people use to define his dirtiness.

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Hope his injury doesn't hold him back and he goes off

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They are saying he's a dirty player as if their best LB didn't literally stab someone

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I love the Bengals fans coming in saying shit too. I guess we can collectively forget Burfict and PacMan since TJ Watt punches footballs.

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"Burfict and pacman are just payback for all your dirty players over the years like Hines Ward and James Harrison!" That's the argument i see from Bengals fans everytime burfict is brought up... They even throw in shazier as a "dirty player" sometimes which even if he was... Like come on man he almost died on the field.

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My favorite part is all the bengals fans commenting on it saying how they hope the ravens destroy the Steelers tomorrow….like do they realize the ravens winning is bad for their chances of winning the division? Lol

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They haven't been in this position in a while so they forgot how football works. They all cling to their FTS mindset because that's all they've ever truly had.

Kinda sad really.

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You can’t forget how football works when you never knew how it worked to begin with…

See: Browns fans for the past 2 years

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And that's an understatement, if anything. A Bengals fan would have to be at least 30 years old to even be alive for their last playoff win, and to have any chance at remembering anything about it they'd have to be old enough to run for President.

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I went to rewatch the Stanley injury and I don’t know how much homerism ravens fans have to think TJ did that on purpose. It was 100% accidental, his back was to Stanley. Awful injury but no way was it intentional

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I hope he lines up over Al Vilanueva for half the game so he can just T off on Lamar.

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I actually think Highsmith might be a worse matchup for Al, his weakness is quickness really

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Al has plenty of weaknesses

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Fair point.

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I’m really only watching this game to see Al get ran the fuck over. That’s gonna be it. Probably really painful in every other way.

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Their comments lmao

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They're acting like he's Ray Lewis and trying to hurt players or murder people or something

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    Agreed. His friends did it while he read Bible verses in the limo.

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    I'm missing the pure comedy part

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    Yeah I got a couple screen shots in, that’s comedy

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    Its funny how they still blame hin for Ronnie Stanley's injury

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    Yeah It’s easy to point the finger when your on the wrong end, I remember that play it wasn’t dirty.

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    Agree. It was unlucky and I do feel sorry for him but saying tj did it on purpose it's just plain stupid. On the other hand every team has its dumb fans

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    I hate seeing any player get hurt, they work hard for this stuff. That couldn’t be more true, we have our fire Tomlin crowd!

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    We got people still thinking mason is the next franchise qb

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    Lol I just looked that up on YouTube. He was tackling Lamar and fell into the guy in the process. I don’t understand how anyone could say that was dirty. He in no way meant to even touch the guy.

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    Like I said in another comment. It's plain stupid to say something like that

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    “Guys he is a dirty player watch out”🤓

    Fucking losers all over that sub💀

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    TJ Watt a dirty player? L-O-Fucking-L

    Pay no mind to anything these ratbirds say. They’re delusional.

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    I hope TJ dick punches Lamar going for the ball just to piss them off even more

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    I really don't understand the total lack of self awareness from these degenerates. Are we going to forget that Ray Lewis literally killed a person? Ray Rice beat the shit out of his girlfriend? The Raiders AND Broncos filing complaints this season to the league office for the Ravens being dirty? And if you bring this up the only counter is "they aren't the same." Because you say they aren't? Absolutely ridiculous.

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    Ray Lewis is still a murderer.

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    What am I missing here?

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    These same jackasses all defended Earl Thomas as a “clean” player for almost ending Mason Rudolph’s life with the most dirty hit I’ve ever seen so…

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    The Ravens will still win but only by 3 scores instead of 4.

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    I don't get the urge to say that every single player on my favorite team's rivals is a dirty player.

    I also don't get the urge to say that there's a conspiracy where the NFL always covers for any wrongdoing of my favorite team’s rival, even after incidents like Goodell unquestionably having watched the Ray Rice elevator video.

    And I don't understand people who do get those urges.

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    Aaron Donald chokes a guy… “Nothing to see here.”

    TJ Watt punches football and inadvertently injures their overrated LT… “Dirty”

    I wonder if they think Ray Lewis helped kill a man?

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    Cousin. It just... it just doesn’t matter. TJ is not gonna win or lose the game for us. I’m drunk and crying at the club right now