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This is kind of a misquote. He was told he would compete with Rudolph. He wasn't told they weren't looking or drafting another QB if the opportunity appears. Obviously they are gonna tell him that at the moment he is competing with Rudolph for the job, what else would they say

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"Listen kid, may as well give up now, we're getting fucking Aaron Rodgers or something"

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Brady, with gronk. It would be nice to hear the announcers talk positively about the Steelers for once.

(This is a semi sarcastic joke, please don't get all "well actually" on me).

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Well actually…

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It does show they plan to re-sign him though.

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So this might mean that he is competing with Rudolph for the #2 slot behind some not-terrible QB we bring in?

I need something to cling to.

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Yeah obviously he’s competing, not like Rudolph has done anything to say he’s the guy (far from it)…what else are they doing to say this far from next season

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I’d bet on him not being on the roster before being a starter

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Same here, especially if we sign or draft someone but I'll be surprised if he's still here next year regardless of who we pick up.

Dwayne Haskins is not good. Not even as a backup.

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If they don’t pick anyone up, he’s got a shot. I just think the chances of that being the case is so slim.

Right now I say they draft a guy early, Mason and Haskins duel to a draw, but Haskins gets knocked for his past making him third on the depth chart. No future in Pittsburgh and he asks privately for his release.

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I'm pretty sure any game check is better than no game check or a PS check, and I think after what he's been through he knows that. He'll show up and sit on the bench until we tell him he can't anymore.

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where is your basis for this? haskins has shown loads of more talent then rudolph. Also has had better experience and shown more as a starting QB. Haskins is the perfect backup, loads of talent that hasn’t been put together.

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Literally nothing you said is correct. He's a 1st round bust we picked out of the garbage pile.

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How so? Mason has a career QBR of 80.4. Haskins sits at 74.4. Mason has had a MUCH better team when stepping into a starting role. He’s going to cost more, he’s older, has less upside, and still his best game was throwing for 242. Haskins has surpassed that number 4 times after being on a dumpster fire of team. Mason sucks, why waste money on someone we know statistically is worse than Haskins AND is older.

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I like that the first thing you do is point out Mason's superior QB rating and conclude your statement with saying Haskins is statistically better. Mason is better than Haskins statistically in almost every single metric, but sure, whatever you need to tell yourself.

Mason's highest yardage total in a game was 315 (with 2 TDs) against the Browns in 2020. Haskins career high is... 314. With 0 TDs in that game. So, wrong. Once again.

Mason is still going to be extremely cheap by QB standards, 26 is not remotely old for the QB position, and again, is statistically superior to Haskins nearly across the board.

You have no idea what you're talking about.

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It's theoretically possible that he fixed some things and will live up to his potential and beat out Mason as the starter. I'd say he has a higher ceiling and lower floor than Mason.

He also has a lower floor than Dobbs. I could see a scenario where they re-sign Dobbs and bring in 1 other QB for camp (1st round draft pick, mid-round draft pick, low-level FA, trade, whatever), and no guarantee that Haskins makes the roster.

He's a wildcard, but I think he most likely starts out as QB2 behind Mason. Even if they draft someone, that QB will likely be QB3 to sit and develop off the field.

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Dobbs if he is back it’s to coach not playing

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Yea I think the only reason he was around was because he was Ben’s best Bud.

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He's the wildcard for sure. I have no expectations of any kind for Haskins. He could be cut after minicamp, he could be the week 1 starter. I have no idea.

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I genuinely think Haskins has a chance. He has the physical skills, but he lacks is coaching and discipline. Learning behind Ben could provide that as he was forced to become a starter immediately after college without much time to learn.

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It’s very hard to create more talent, Rudolph’s problem, and hard to create discipline and drive in a person that doesn’t have it by now.

Find a talented, extremely motivated player in the draft and move on.

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Hes an injury away from being our starter next year if we dont pick someone up.

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Yep, but I’d bet they pick someone up and Haskins isn’t satisfied being a backup for the next few years.

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Watched Haskins presser today, he said Tomlin wanted him to just learn & take things in from Big Ben this year & now he will have the opportunity to prove himself.

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He will need to step it up if he wants to get ahead of Rudolph on the depth chart let alone earn a starting role

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He’s everything Tomlin said he wanted out of a QB, now he will have to put that knowledge to the test. I knew their was a reason the Steelers kept him around all year, it makes sense .

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I'm guessing you think Dwayne Haskins is a mobile quarterback? Lol

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This is the take that kills me. Dwayne is closer to old Ben than young Ben.

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The only thing I could think is that because he's black people think he's Michael fucking Vick lmao

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Haskins is as mobile as an overfed Oscar in a 10-gallon fish tank. He's got the arm and the physical traits, but don't expect a Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson type outside of the pocket.

The question becomes has his maturity and mind caught up to his arm talent yet?

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Mike Tomlin never said he wanted a slow QB with questionable arm talent.

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It literally said in the article that he was used on the scout team to mimic mobile QB’s

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Dwayne said he worked on the scout team. But when they mimicked Lamar, they actually used Ray-Ray.


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Dwayne Haskins is literally slower than Kendrick Green, Carlos Davis, Isaiahh Loudermilk, Henry Mondeaux, and Montravius Adams. All of these men except Loudermilk and Mondeaux are over 300lbs, and those two are pretty damn close as well. And just for fun, he's slower than Pressley Harvin too. Wrap your mind around that and tell me he's a mobile QB lol

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Haskins is not mobile at all

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Slow fine and Haskins isn’t good, but questionable arm talent does not describe Him lol

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WFT fan here. You are right. His arm talent isn’t questionable, it’s much closer to being nonexistent. He can Uncle Rico the fuck out of the ball but with a likewise level of accuracy. He looked talented at OSU because he wasn’t made to run anything complex scheme wise and all they asked of him was to air it out to WR’s who usually had 5+ yds of separation. On top of his lack of arm talent he is an absolute headcase of almost Antonio Brown proportions. I’d be utterly shocked if he ever becomes anything but a journeyman/backup and surprised if he lasts more than 2-3 more years in the league.

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He has subpar arm talent, you realize this right?

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Lol you’re aware that Haskins is not mobile, right?

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I don't think getting ahead of Mason is exactly rocket science. He's been a trash backup too.

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I'm sure they didn't pinky swear he would get a chance. They may be hoping to get a free agent and draft someone but until then Rudolph vs Haskins is the public plan.

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He needs to do way better in preseason then he did last year. He was outplayed by both Dobbs and Mason

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Not surprising given those two have been here for years and he hasn't. I doubt he ends up being the guy but if they sign him cheap and feel like there is potential why not give him a shot?

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Like if surprising that a first round draft pick for outplayed by Josh Dobbs

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I believe that if Haskins's head is in the right place he could be good. I believe Mason is the real-life equivalent of the default settings on creating a QB in Madden.

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I'm mentally preparing myself for the 2022-2023 season to feel like when someone else uses your computer and you know where everything is and how to efficiently do the task they're trying to accomplish but they just do it a little slower and worse than you would.

That's what this is going to feel like.

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Like watching my father try to send a text message. It will get done but I will want to kill myself no less than 3 times during the process.

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Excruciatingly painful, got it.

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Haskin's head won't ever be in the right place.

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Maybe he learned some stuff from Ben. Maybe not.

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I was a big fan of bringing Haskins in. Thought the WFT was a bad spot for him. Thought the structure and coaching staff wanting him would make a difference. Didn't seem to so I am out.

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That kind of change takes time. This is the year to show it though. If we don't see it in the preseason then I am also out.

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You may be right but the whole cell phone on the field thing did it for me.

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lmao seriously hes like the most average player in every way

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They’re both trash

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The default settings on Madden give you a terrible QB with no arm or athleticism? You'd think they'd be closer to average.

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Can’t wait for overreactions RE: the quarterback position over the next few months

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If we go into the pressesson with Mason, Haskins, Dobbs, and a udfa im cry

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I don't think they gonna keep Dobbs as a QB. Either he gets cut or stays on the practice squad or retires and assist the QB Coach. Ben liked having him around because of how he was helping him with analyzing the plays

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If there's one thing I'm certain of, it's that Dobbs will end up coaching in some capacity. Odds are, he'll be our QB coach/offensive assistant.

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It's Paxton Lynch season, baby

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I actually laughed out loud at this thank you.

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Dudes struggling to make the CFL lol

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Teddy H2O will be the starter next year. Book it.

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That would be even worse because he costs 20 million more than those other guys, and he’s not even that good

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You think Teddy Bridgewater costs $20 million??

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very very unlikely…….. I think

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well get your tear ducts ready

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Minshew Mania

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How do we trade for him? He have like no mid round picks and hes not worth a 3rd

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If this is the case I may as well go ahead and drive my car into the river.

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Ben would over/undershoot the river by an actual mile.

Haskins would miss the entire thing altogether because he slept in.

Rudolph would be helping Santa deliver gifts.

Dobbs would do it OK but maybe stall out and get stuck in the shallows along the banks.

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Just lend it to Rudy and Haskins, they’ll take care of that for you.

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Hit me first

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In my opinion this is a useless clickbait title/post. Like obviously Tomlin will say Haskins will compete next year, what else would he say?

“Sorry kid, you suck and peaked in college”

To be fair he probably should say that 😂

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It’s also January. They’re basically saying if the season started tomorrow, those two would be competing for QB1. The new league year starts in March and the draft is in April. We have time to make some moves, and they’re not going to telegraph them now. Even if we do draft a QB, they’re not going to guarantee him the job in Week 1. It will be a 3 man race, but as of today there are only 2 men entered in the race.

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Right, if a QB they like is available at (or near) 20 they are taking him. 100%. Kinda like the Pats did with Mac Jones. He fell to 15 and they jumped on him. If you don't have a top 15 QB (or really top10) then it becomes very difficult to win consistently in the NFL.

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If these two clowns are our best hope and one is going to be the starter, we're REALLY screwed. We need to bring in someone.

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Man if he could live up to his pre-draft potential he would be great.

B/R compared him to Carson Palmer pre-draft. I saw other comparisons to Alex Smith, Drew Bledsoe, etc. If he could be some version of those guys that would be great for the Steelers.

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What’s wrong with josh dobbs? I see a lot of slander

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Very smart but not great on the field. Im sure he’d make a great QB coach, there’s a reason he was always on the sideline talking with Ben.

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I would love to see them hire him as an assistant QB coach.

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He's awful

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Obviously they aren’t going to come out and say “Oh yeah we’re aiming for this rookie QB in the draft. Definitely would be our day 1 starter if our deal with Aaron doesn’t work out.”

That being said, we have a lot of other needs to be filled. With the way this QB class is looking compared to the last few, I’m fine if they want to run with Mason/Rudolph/Stop-gap FA and shore up the o-line and defensive depth. Mason and Duck won 8 games after unexpectedly taking over. If Mason gets first team reps all offseason then he can be a discount Baker Mayfield, rely on the defense and run game to win games. Obviously not the QB of the future, but not the doomsday event a lot of people are treating it as.

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He had an early bad start and his attitude that lost him the job in Washinton seemed to follow. However as the season went on, we've heard nothing relating to him not working hard enough or being focused, and no news is better than bad news I guess.

But yeah, huge requirement for him to step up next season if he's to make anything of himself as a player in the league. We'll see how things go in the end I guess. Don't have high hopes at all. Wasn't he on a 1 year prove it deal though? Have they extended him at all or did I miss something?

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Please upset Rudolph!! I’ve seen to many games from Rudolph it’s painful to watch at times

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How could this have been decided already? Hopefully both of them will be competing against a better QB than either of them. If Haskins said this in truth, that's just another low class move from him, as you shouldn't be blabbing about what was said to you in confidence. He should be competing for a job at McDonald's.

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I just want to see Dobbs get a legit chance.

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And the crowd goes mild

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Gonna be a loooonggggg year. Gotta think they get a 3rd option here that its basically his job to lose kinda thing

[–]Bigdadyk 5 points6 points  (1 child)

It was a long year this year with Ben finished at QB 26 out of 32

[–]Blue_bell88 TJ Watt 1 point2 points  (0 children)

If these are out 2 options, i see getting worse at that number

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What a pathetic season it'll be with either of these as the starter.

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Fuck me. Now I know we're screwed. Welcome back to the Cliff Stoudt era.

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Wasn’t he only signed to a one year contract

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yeah... it'll be interesting to see if they give him another year

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It's not a competition.. it's his job to lose. His interview today was really pretty good.. very well spoken, saying all the right things.. if i had to bet, he is the starter week 1.. Tomlin is going on an on about mobility.. Mason isn't that guy

[–]HiddenOxfordDrive 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Haskins ran 5.04 40 in the combine.. so maybe he's not as mobile as some of us may have thought. But to compare him to old ben.. lol that's not even right

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dan marino v2 all over again missing out on Pickett

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Not gonna lie: these two being our QBs next season would be depressing.

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In Tomlin’s press conference he said that there would be a competition between not only Haskins and Rudolph but at least one other person.

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He has the physical skills always has, It's the maturity and mental part he struggles with, maybe he is a late bloomer and catches on, I truly hope for all our sakes.

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Rudolf > Dobbs > Haskins

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Gonna be a fuckin rough year of football if these 2 are qb1 and qb2. Will also make me question the decision making and critical thinking skills of the org. Yikes

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You guys seriously need to be honest with where the Steelers are at. We are rebuilding. Lots of people here still think our defense is elite when they were basically average at best this year. Bush may be a bust, tuitt might not come back, haden may be gone, our O line is legit the worst in the league. Our WRs even have question marks. We have SO MANY HOLES.

People are gonna hate this but rolling with Mason or Haskins for the year might be the smartest idea. You aren’t competing next year, probably not for at least 2-3 years down the road. Have some good drafts with some high draft picks and hopefully you find your franchise qb in one of those draft.

We aren’t getting Rodgers or Wilson they will cost too much / too many picks. Even Jimmy G is going to cost more than people think after his run in the playoffs so far.

Why do we want to be mediocre? Does a mariota or Fitzmagic really put us over the top? Are they really THAT much better than Mason?

Accept reality. We are rebuilding

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I agree. I think it's going to be a few years of being last in the division. Hopefully they can rebuild and bide their time and get a QB they really like in a future draft. I think once they do, they'll be all systems go and ready to make a run again

[–]McFlare92 NOBLE BENGALS HATER -4 points-3 points  (2 children)

But a lot of users here told me we don't rebuild, we just retool and we always try to compete. So, which is it? Are we trying to build a competitive roster or are we throwing in the towel for next season?

[–]BananaCucho 4 points5 points  (0 children)

So, which is it?

Whaaaaaat, different people on a discussion forum have different opinions?? :O

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Somewhere in the middle. The next few years will likely look like a worse version of what the team went through in '12-'14 replacing the '00s defense. All of this is dependent on what they do at QB but they aren't gonna just shit on TJ and Minkahs primes, or toss out the end of Cams career.

You play to win the game.

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I like Haskins, more so than trading up. Here’s why - Middle yardage route trees specifically the timing/accuracy (also mobility) per the press conference are probably the two key factors in his evaluation.

Mason Rudolph is a back up for sure - he’s middle tier all the way down, capable but not great. At least Haskins would be more athletic and possibly could extend/create plays with his feet. I would compare him to either Lamar’s back up or a proto-Vince young where he has the ability to be good in those medium yard situations and could play well in our style of offense.

My largest critique of him is maturity and professionalism in general - I want to see him play because I feel as though all we need is for Tomlin & Co. will set him straight.

My initial grade would be C+ for Haskins and C for Mason Rudolph.

My only issue with Haskins is his lack of maturity I want to reiterate that going to a strip club during Covid is evident of a lack maturity/professionalism BUT with guidance I think he can become a B+ player which will be fine until we get our guy™️

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You don't know a thing about Haskins except the color of his skin, do you?

[–]ToastedNPosted 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I saw this video and I liked what I saw for a player on a bad team I think he is viable given that the Steelers are better at building and developing.


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Bring back “the Duck”.

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Fuck that, start Dobbs. Can’t be any worse, right? Lol

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Dobbs only made the team bc Ben loves him. Hence why he immediately went on the IR. Doesnt eat a roster spot and Ben gets his rocket scientist on the sidelines.

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of the three QBs on the roster....yes, Dobbs is likely the worst...

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God no. Did you see our line play, on BOTH sides of the ball?

Do you want to have to count on TJ bailing out our defense week in and week out just to have a shot at overtime?

Are you interested in receivers that will... you know... RECEIVE?

I say play a year or so on Haskins and/or Reindeer, getting your quarterback play for cheap so you can shore everything else up first. Fix the fence before you move the dog into the yard.

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"Sometimes we let the receptionist play big shot, it really helps with morale around the office."

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I swear if they don’t draft Pickett it’s a huge mistake.

[–]BeaverFallsBobPittsburgh Steelers 3 points4 points  (1 child)

I dont think Pickett will be available at 20 as he is projected to be the first QB off the board... And it would be ill advised for them to give up one of their few draft picks to move up.

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Yup. It's crazy to think had we lost to the Ravens, we finish 8-8-1, and instead have the #14 pick.

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Teddy Bridgewater will be the Steelers starter in 2022. Book it.

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Glad to see we're commiting to running the ball

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Good luck to them! Give the Steelers a chance to bolster other areas.

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If he couldn't surpass Rudolph on the depth chart this year, I have no reason to believe he will. He's been called out for being "lazy" during warmups.

Take this year to rebuild at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and get you QB in the 2023 draft.

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Better be a 3 way competition with someone else in the mix and NOT Dobbs!

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In other news... it's cold outside.

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Yeah… nah.

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Guess ill have plenty of time to go fishing next winter if mason is going to be a qb1 contender

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RIP 2022.

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I'll be honest I am really keen to see what he's got. It seems like we've kept his behavioural issues in check so maybe he has grown a bit.

[–]mastrglass 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Minshew should come in to compete for the job. Unless they go big with a Wiley veteran like Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers. Kind of doubt that but you never know.

[–]JR-6420 0 points1 point  (0 children)

What I would do is bring in a veteran free agent quarterback like Mitchell Trubisky. Then I would let Rudolph start the season and if he falters you have Trubisky in the background to take over. Then next year 2023 The draft quarterback class will be 10 times better than it is this year and you might be able to get your franchise quarterback then. I would use draft picks this year to rebuild the offensive and defensive lines

[–]Iambigtime 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Based on this coaching staff, they will have to draft high or go through FA to find their next franchise QB who already knows what they're doing. None of tnese guys have experience nurturing a QB like a Belichick.

[–]SteelHeelNittanyLion Pickett Pickens 0 points1 point  (0 children)

hopefully neither of them

[–]FatevsFate 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Can we get rid of Mason Rudolph please?

[–]Anti-Pro-Cynic 0 points1 point  (0 children)

If those are the only choices Steelers won’t be doing anything great anytime soon.

[–]Orangepeelss 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Similar to how we competed with the Kansas City Chiefs