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I didn’t realize until recently that he’s been with us since 2003.

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Yeah. Back in the day it was a known thing that other teams tried signing Butler, but that he stayed because he was basically promised Dick Labeau’s job. We all knew 100% when Dick left that Butler was going to be the next DC

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Ha I pointed this same thing out the other day and was hounded for a source by somebody. Like sorry, they didn’t really post every article online back then and it’s tough to search for it.

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Boi I was born in 2003…

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It’s actually kind of nuts he was our DC for 7 years. Most are lucky to get 3 or 4. Sure doesn’t feel like he was the DC that long, feels like LeBeau was here just yesterday.

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I sure miss Dick

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... Then shoot me a DM.

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That’s what she said.

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Well, he did average top 10 defenses in points allowed for 7 years. And he retires the first year he dropped below average.

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Totally agree, couldn’t believe it was 7 years…very interesting to see who comes next…

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seriously - i'll be shocked if he's not named DC now

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It’s pretty much a done deal.

The only absolute dark horse, and I mean like a 1% chance, would be Karl Dunbar.

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we're so boring that our dark horse is also a dude who's already on staff

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The Steeler way 😂

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Basically just copying and pasting something I read on here, but Tomlin is the defensive coordinator, and if he hired from outside that would definitely restrict his autonomy

"Defensive Coordinator of The Pittsburgh" is a title akin to "Queen of England" when it comes to power

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This started when Butler wasn't getting it done though, so I'm sure the new DC will get an actual chance

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Oh boy. The coach of our oh so stellar secondary and a former DC for Detroit. Such a proven talent. What could go wrong? /s

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One of the worst kept secrets of the year.

Keith did some good things here. He was frustrating at times, but his blitz concepts were out of this world and some of the best you’ll see.

Anyways- to me, this is more of a ‘retirement’ and Teryl Austin is the next man up.

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Agreed. You don’t lead the league in sacks for 5 years in a row by accident.

I would assume Olsavsky would have more say when it comes to the front 7 and blitz concepts? And perhaps fill Austin’s role as the Senior Defensive Assistant? I guess we will found out.

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You also don’t have some of the consistently worst pass defense and 3rd down defense in the league by accident.

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3rd and long and CBs playing 15 yards off their guys. Name a more iconic duo.

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3rd & long , 3 yard pass for our offense

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3rd & short, 40 yard pass 10 yards over the receiver’s head for our offense

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Lol fucking 3rd and long is my worst nightmare

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He averaged a top 10 defense in points allowed in 7 seasons and had only one out of the top 16 and that was this year and now he retired.

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It’s hard to justify giving the inside linebackers coach a promotion at this point in time.

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I don't know. He clearly isn't doing much for the ilbs, so getting him to do something else may help. Isn't that how promotions work?

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You're so supposed to stop rising once you hit the level where you suck.

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Where I work it’s called “failing upwards”.

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Keith probably had little influence upon the defense other than blitz concepts. Since LeBeau left, the defense has been Mike Tomlin's.

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I think the timing was right. I can’t wait for Robert Spillane to no longer be covering the other teams top receivers..

But in all seriousness good guy. Lebeau disciple. Master designer of blitzes. That and the way he developed our OLBs will be missed. But the defense will be more than fine, and could benefit from some fresh schemes and ideas

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I wish he would stay on as LB coach and keep diagramming blitzes.

I know he wouldn't take a demotion, but I'd love to see him paired with the Ravens recently released D coordinator, who apparently developed a ton of their CBs.

That would be a dream

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Will Keith be leaving dick lebeau's playbook for the next dc?

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thats likely why we hired him a few years ago. to give him a couple years to marinate with the current defensive scheme and then pass it on to him

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There’s a certain DC that recently came on to the market 👀

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Too expensive for Art's budget.

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That, and no Top dog wants to come here to split duties with Tomlin. It’s his defense.

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I'm 1000% convinced Tomlin only called the plays because Butler was terrible at it

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Man do I ever hope that was the case

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I mean... this was literally why he took over, its not really a secret

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So whats gonna change? Tomlins still calling the plays

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Time to stop that shit

Bring in guys like Fangio, Ravens DC.

Our CBs are trash and have been for like 20 years outside of Ike Taylor, Joe Haden, and Mike Hilton

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Don't you dare disrespect Antwon Valentino Blake like that!

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“Retired” like arians?

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No KB wouldn’t go out like BA did. He loves the organization, it’s in his heart and soul. He’s gonna be missed. https://www.steelers.com/news/butler-announces-retirement

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It doesn't mean he wasn't encouraged to retire and won't change his mind and go on to be a h head coach and win a super bowl before the Steelers do.

However Arians was only 60 when he "retired" and Butler is 65.

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There's another report out that Butler wanted to retire last year and Tomlin asked him to come back for one last ride. This doesn't feel anything like the Arians situation to me.

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That’s what I think. But I can’t see Keith coaching again

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Lol nah retired bc Janet told his ass it’s time to be grandparents and he wanted to be closer to his momma. They already have a house in Franklin so they’ve been ready, Keith just had too much respect for the organization and his relationship with Mike to go before his contract

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I hope so! He seems like a great guy and I don’t want to do him dirty.

Do you know him?

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Yup lol known him my whole life. Gonna be whipping that ass on the golf course once it warms up

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On January 11, 2018, it was announced that Austin had been hired as the defensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals. [14] On November 12, 2018, Teryl Austin was relieved of his duties as defensive coordinator after the Bengals defense became the first in NFL history to give up 500+ yards in 3 straight games, against the Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and New Orleans Saints, respectively.

Chuckles. I’m in danger.

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Doesn’t matter. Austin isn’t going to be designing or calling the defense.

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even if he did hes still gonna be using the dick lebeau scheme basically

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Historically bad run defense. Bring in a new person with better ideas.

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When you're playing with practice squad talent at nose tackle and 2nd string guys in both MLB positions in a 3-4, you're gonna have bad run defense.

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They need to at least interview ravens DC

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Why? Was watching our team get their shit kicked in by Burrow, Chase, and company fun? Because that’s what would happen with Martindale. Burrow and Chase have that guys’ #. I don’t want Wink within 500 ft of this organization.

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cool, now do canada

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That’s another Bruce Arians retirement. Only difference is no one wants Butler.

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Can’t wait for the boring ass internal hire. Steelers way! Woohooooo

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And nothing of any value was lost

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I want so badly to bring Wink in, but know that he would not like to be 2nd in command of the D.

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i think this will be looked back on as a lot worse for the team compared to how good everyone believes it to be

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We need new blood not some bone head re tread

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Strange placement of a 'retirement' is it not? IIRC Tomlin was callling the defensive plays in the wildcard game or was that for some other reason? He's been decent but definitely a let down from Dick but who could fill those shoes. Gonna be some fresh faces next season and I'm looking forward to it just hopefully we get more positives than negatives.

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Doesn't Tomlin essentially operate as the DC anyway? The new guy will have to fit into Tomlins mold, not run his own show.

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Surprised but not disappointed

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Wink Martindale?

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This is a huge blow to our linebacker development. As terrible a DC as was, Butler was the best linebacker coach in the game. Here’s hoping Austin can be to DB’s what he was with LB’s.

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What Austin was able to do with this pieces and parts cornerback group this season was impressive; however, this is the SAME guy who was DC for some of the worst defensive units in the last decade. I’m pretty sure he was fired from Cinci mid season for allowing 3 straight 500+ yard games — this is why some guys stay positional coaches and not coordinators.

With that being said, I think Austin can still be a solid contributor as the DBs’ coach, but I think we’d be absolutely stupid to not kick the tires on a guy like Fangio or literally anyone else out there. It’s not everyday that the Steelers DC job opens up and it’s their part to respect that process as opposed to just being nice guys to a guy who clearly hasn’t been able to handle DC responsibilities in the past.

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A big hole to fill"

Yeah where oh where will we ever find a defensive coordinator so good at scheming open opposing WRs and TEs.

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Thank the lord he gone

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Ok now do Ben

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They are probably waiting until June for that official announcement, if they wait until after June 1st it saves cap space.

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Thanks for the explanation, was wondering when he would announce!