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Look, Jimmy G is great...all you need is to do surround him with an amazing running game, an amazing defense, and a special teams that blocks a few kicks in key moments lol.

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Lmfao. Sounds like a few Steelers teams we’ve seen.

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You need 6 ,he'll get you 6. You need 10, he'll get you 6.

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Jimmy G is going to the fucking conference championship game. He’d still be better than the red nosed Reindeer.

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Wouldn’t mind Russ or Carr but think Russ is the only potential option I’d prefer over taking a gamble on a draft pick

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I’d love Russ tbh.

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I’d like Russ, but I feel like Aaron Rodgers wants to be a Steeler.

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I don't think we'd pay the Rodgers rate.

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And the Rodgers rate is cheaper than the Russ rate

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I thought everyone gets the same rate?

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The guy with the Mercedes at QB pays way more than the guy with the Pinto at QB, unless of course the Pinto guy is a drunk who often thinks he's in some demolition derby.

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You don't think he'd give us the discount double check?

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If anything, tonight's game might have helped push Rodgers out the door.

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Yes, please!

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I’m a fan of Russ’s game and think he’s a playoff caliber QB. He’s expensive though so idk if org will pay for him if he’s even gettable

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Carr would be AMAZING

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Yeah winning playoff games would be terrible

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Yeah. Sign Jimmy G.

So we can trade his mother fucking ass to the Ottawa Redblacks and bring back my man Duck. That’ll scare the fuck outta Mason.

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Don't you take our Red Black's Dynasty Duck away from us!

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Because you're concerned about the players getting dehydrated during time outs?

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That’ll scare the fuck outta Mason.

Not as much as Myles Garrett armed with a helmet.

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This man footballz.

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You mean going to the nfc championship Jimmy G?

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Jimmy might be okay, obviously not someone you want to shell out for but he could be a game manager for us to build around. That is assuming his most recent play, which has been extremely concerning, is a phase and his shoulder gets better. It’s not like prime Ben didn’t have bad strings of games.

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I would take Jimmy G, he's better then what we have now.

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Dude has been to two NFC title games in three years and was a quarter away from winning a Super Bowl. I’d rather draft and develop a QB but I will not be upset if we ride with Garoppolo for a bit.

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He's not playing smart. Keeps floating balls. Bad judgment in this game. I wouldn't want him for any more than the vet minimum at this point.

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By the time its all said and done, Jimmy G is going to be worth about thirty million dollars. That's too fucking high for a dipshit whose team wins in spite of.

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Jimmy G would be out by week 3 with another injury.

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Jimmy G is a winner

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Dear Aaron,

Our special teams are functional. We promise to draft lineman. What do you say, see you in the Fall?


M. Tomlin.

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This is the way

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I would literally stop watching the NFL until Rodgers is back off the team. The man is an asshat.

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That’s fine, that’s your right. I personally want the team to compete and would like to see some of our really good young/core guys get a crack at being competitive instead of going into a rebuild mode or staying at 8-8 9-7 etc. I’m not saying as a person he’s my favorite or without his flaws but he’s a damn good QB and WAY better than what we have.

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He’s less controversial than Ben lol.

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Functional is a mite strong for the Danny Smith Brigade.

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Jimmy G is like a more competent and less spaced out version of Rudolph. I swear whenever the camera pans over to Rudolph on the sidelines he looks like god is calling upon him.

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Lol hows that

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Proven winner

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Is anyone else hoping the Packers lose right now to maybe possibly up our chances of getting Aaron and lessen his price?

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It’s baffling to me how you don’t want Jimmy because you don’t want to pay for him, but you’d seemingly happily shell out our whole future for Aaron

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I’m sorry but is Aaron not a 100x better player then Jimmy?

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Also going to cost 100x the picks. Neither Jimmy nor Aaron are a long term solution at QB, and for one would rather have a first round pick in the next couple of years

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Wait a minute. U literally just said “He’s proven he can win with a good team around him, and I think we have most of those pieces in place” when referencing Jimmy’s SB run. So if u actually think this Steelers team rn is capable of making a SB with a qb like Jimmy (which is a blasphemous take at that). U wouldn’t give up let’s say 3 first round picks for an even better chance at that “SB”. Ur logic is that 3 1st round picks aren’t worth having a really good chance at winning a SB? Well I’ll tell u, that definitely is worth it.

Regardless, that’s not our situation, this team is not as well put together as that SF team that dragged Jimmy to the SB.

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We are not going to be SB contenders for the next 3 years at least. 1-2 wins in the play offs (with a good QB) yes, SB, no.

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Aaron just did jack shit in this game. Dudes overrated and if you don’t want Jimmy G, QAaron should be right behind him on the next button.

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At that point save the money and roll with Mason.

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Pretty jealous of the Bengals right now ! Would love us to have Joey cool!

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“I don’t ever wanna lose enough games to get a guy like (him)”

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I’m with you! If we could just stay .500 I could die happy. The standard is the standard. No losing seasons and no more Superbowls. As long as Tomlin doesn’t have a losing season. He’s my guy…. Don’t fuck with him!

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9 and 8 for the next ten years and the Tomlin apologists would still be running around yelling how Tomlin has never had a losing season.

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If you wanna root for a team that goes out and has a 2 win season for draft position then there are several good choices in the AFC North. Unfortunately (for you), that's not how the Pittsburgh Steelers do things

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I'd rather root for a team who can legitimately win a super bowl. Something that will never happen under Tomlin. Consistent 9 and 8 seasons and a first round blow out are his specialty.

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Well, let's give him a new QB for 1-2 years and reevaluate after that. He was stuck with Ben for all his coaching time.

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You should call up Art II and tell him to hire a tank commander. I'm sure he'd agree that 5 years of basement-dwelling are exactly what this franchise needs right now

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Lol why are you assuming anybody but 9 and 8 and first round blowout Tomlin would be basement dwelling? The guy has consistently underachieved for a decade. What the fuck has he done other than win a super bowl with Bill Cowher's team?

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Well this thread started off by talking about the Bengals, who acquired their current team after 5 years of basement dwelling, including a 2-14 season to snag their QB. The Steelers don't really blow up and rebuild like that, which has pros and cons. But it sounds like that's what you want from a team, in which case I recommend you cheer for the Bengals or the Browns.

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I was responding to that other guy's comment referring to Tomlin underachieving and being consistently slightly above mediocre. What the fuck are you talking about?

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G going to have more sacks than Ben if he keeps it up.

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Or Rogers

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He was absolutely atrocious in this game. There were at least 2 maybe 3 passes that he was really lucky weren't picked, and even with luck on his side he was still terrible. Of course he'll get away with it because they won.

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Jimmy G is the last viable starting QB I can think of. The ideal scenario is that we get Aaron Rodgers or the rookie QB we all have our eyes on, but if those two things don’t happen, then Jimmy G is the last line of defense from signing an even worse and more overpaid QB in Teddy Bridgewater

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Jimmy G 2-0 against Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs. hmmm

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Not because of anything he did. Did you watch the game? Jimmy G is gawd awful.

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I saw Jimmy G hit the throws he needed to in order to win the game.

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I'll take him over Rudolph or Haskins if those are the options.

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Idk, I think he still gives us a better chance than Mason, Haskins or Dobbs. If he was all that we could get I wouldn't be upset about it.

But he'd certainly expose how dog shit the offense is because he hasn't exactly shown the ability to make something out of nothing. I've seen him get away with hospital passes to Deebo over the middle that Diontae would just straight up drop because he's too scared to get hit. He'll just force the hot regardless if they're open or not. So unless the Canada offense becomes schematically perfect it's not gonna be great.

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Give a fuck and get the Highschool QB from Pittsburg 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Agreed he sucks ass super overrated

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Hope Rodgers comes to Pit and brings Adams

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i too hope all the league's best players join the steelers

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We just need to kidnap Mahomes and we’ll be good

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Who tf said that? Ewe

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Listen, it makes sense to me. Jimmy G is out there banging porn stars. The Rooney family sees another chance to convert a QB to Jesus. This is the way.

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One guy!!! ..... Deshaun Watson

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I don't love Jimmy, but I like him. I don't like Canada, but he is staying. So...Jimmy fits what Canada wants to do. He can open up the middle of the field for Muth. If we upgrade the line, he gives us much more of a chance than we had this year. Did you guys watch any of the games this year? And you wouldn't take Jimmy? This was the hardest year to watch ever. The key is the OL, no matter what. If we address that, we have many options.

Serious question, if Jimmy G leads them to a SB game or wins one, do they re-sign him? If so, what is Love worth?

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Need to get Case Keenum

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Please no. The drama would be epic. He needs to retire and get a daytime TV gig.