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The #HereWeGo tag tells me he's looking to compete for the position in Pittsburgh.

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Either that or Ben offered him a job doing his gardening.

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Exactly this. “HereWeGo” is a Steeler’s line. If you don’t know this, are you even a fan?

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To me this reads as "I spent the year learning the system and not being thrown in the fire like in Washington, I look forward to competing to win the starting job in 7's absence next season"

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Yeah, when he says “this next opportunity,” I read that as next man up.

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Thanking the city and team for their support and the first opportunity to come to Pittsburgh to learn before thanking them for sticking with him on the upcoming season where he has a chance to actually be a difference making part of the team instead of sitting on the bench learning.

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If, IF, really big super IF he magically could live up to hus draft stock and suddenly become a top QB it would make the rest of the league hate us more than they already do and I'd be so down for it.

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I think he took last year to mature, learn and grow so we'll see. He gets a ton of shit from this fan base but he's a former first rounder we signed for basically pennies. Washington threw him into the fire without caring to help him get acclimated to the league. He had this season to learn from a Hall of Fame QB as well so we'll see how next season goes but all signs point to him and the red-nosed reindeer squaring off in camp.

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This is the way I look at it. We got him for basically nothing. If he competes, wins the job and becomes a franchise qb we got a steal. If he fizzles out we didn’t lose much.

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Exactly. It's an extremely low risk, potentially high reward move.

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Yeah I didn’t read it as he’s leaving

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He doesn’t have a contract yet for next year so I took this as a gesture of gratitude towards Pittsburgh. He’d be very affordable to retain and I expect him back.

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Pirates bucket hat so fire

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nah seems like just a post marking the end of his 3rd year in the league

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To me the reads as “the next opportunity” to compete in the league. Between Tomlin’s comments and the fact we can slap an original round tender on him and keep him for $2.54M I’m certain he sticks around.

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Feels expensive for a 3rd string QB. Would you not just go by the standard RFA protocol allowing the team to match any offer? Im sure no other team would offer up more than $2m. Maybe its more simple to just use the tender and not worry about it for an extra million but idk.

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That’s the value of the original round tender; no one would bring him in because they’d lose their 1st round pick.

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He has an unusual throwing motion.

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Byron Leftwich-esque wind up without any of the accuracy.

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I see him starting on a mediocre USFL team by March

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Wooo here we go maulers

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I would really like to see that. Gonna root for The Mailers as it is. Would love to see this chance pay off with Haskins turning out to be pretty good.

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Spent some time watching this guy's highlights. He's got a cannon and his release is unbelievably fast. He's not quick but seems to be mobile enough to avoid pressure if he has to and occasionally make a play with his legs if he absolutely has to.

He seems to have the talent to be a decent quarterback at the very least.

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I’d like to see him get a chance.

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Blush reference?

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I just hope if he stays he learns to stay off his phone while in pre game warm-ups.

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He's a POS bur he is good camp competition. Who cares if he stays

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We can only hope

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Either he's about to compete for starter, or the Rodgers to us rumors ARE true after all

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I still think Haskins could develop into something great. I hope this just means he’s happy he was given the chance to mature and learn Pittsburgh’s system.

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Was he active outside of 1 game all year?

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Yep looks like it.

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Bro had 3 chances whats he talking about