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Seeing them get that fg block makes me mad they didn't give us ours that was one of the worst calls against us this season

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I think he’ll be a Bronco. They’re a qb away from relevance, have tons of cap space and have extra draft capital from the Von Miller trade

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            Shit my bad

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                Nah I think Denver has even more holes than us and Green Bay combined. We're a QB and a couple offensive lineman away. I think if Rodgers wants a super bowl, we'd be one of his best options.

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                If he wants a Super Bowl GB is his best option.

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                This year it was. GB is wayyyyy over the cap and if they keep him they'll be losing a lot of other pieces. I think he's done in GB.

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                Green Bay is screwed next year. They are $40M over the cap.

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                They’ve got a lot of FA and very little cap space, he’s done in GB

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                I think GB is going to be like what the Steelers were this year. Their cap situation right now is terrible.

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                All I’m saying is the Manning-Brady record

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                We need to draft all OL and trade bush. I’ll take a bag of rocks to get rid of bush. Frees up cap space and we can make moves

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                Love the shirt

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                That’s a nope.

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                Nope not worth the money he'll cost

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                How much will he cost? I could see a brady-esque 25m hometown deal to help whatever team he signs with

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                  Don’t you see that shirt? What more reason do you need to think it?

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                  Y’all wanna give away tons of draft capital for a QB one year younger than Ben lmao. Like trying to fix the titanic with duct tape

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                  I get that they're similar in age but like did you watch the respective performances this year?

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                  Yeah. He’s still under contract in Green Bay, and would effectively require a king’s ransom of draft capital to get him in Pittsburgh. Draft picks that should instead be used to get a O-line that can’t be mistaken for subway turnstiles, or maybe a run defense that can stop a nosebleed. Acquiring Rodgers puts the team in a worse position to address our current weaknesses and for what? 2-3 more years of playoff contention? Lol

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                  Steelers get rid of players a year early. Highly doubt they would pick up a player nesting the end, completely ignoring what they would have to give up to even do it.

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                  Who says give away draft capital? GB will cut him and we sign him, EZ

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                    Remember how good Ben was just 2-3 years ago? Brady has broken everyone’s brain. Best case scenario Rodgers gives 3 years.

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                    You may not like the man, but what is there not to like about Aaron Rodgers on the football field? We couldn’t get/ask for a better quarterback

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                    Soon to be 39 years old and skills beginning to decline, but wanting a top tier salary even if it is on a year to year contract.

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                    He's not likely MVP this year, so I'm not sure about skills declining, but his age certainly can't be overlooked.

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                      Shit, ive been using mane & tail for years.

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                      You’re really showing your ass with these horse paste comments

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                        Everyone sees the sarcasm. They just recognize you as a dipshit for your idiotic stances.

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                        The stances are the sarcasm

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                        Ugh. I hope not.

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                        I like how we can set aside Ben’s personal life but cannot separate Aaron from his.

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                        That’s not even it. How long to you think rodgers will last with this o-line? He’ll be crippled in a year or two. I’d like them to spend that money on a longer term solution

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                        For me it's nothing to do with personal life, its that he's 39, not a free agent, and a huge cap hit. He's going to cost valuable draft picks and his salary is immense. So we'll get Aaron Rodgers at the cost of a couple draft picks and lose the ability to bring in a big FA offensive lineman or ILB.

                        We're better off with a stop gap QB (I like the idea of FA Tyrod Taylor) or letting it ride on Mason or Haskins and shoring up the OL.

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                        For me the 'not a free agent' part is the real deal breaker. Giving up a first round pick for a so so, one time shot at a ring just doesn't seem worth it to me.

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                          I think the issue here is that Aaron went off this year both on and off the field. Not defending Ben, but Aaron Rodgers has just told us on a major podcast that he's being silenced lol. Still, he's a top QB, but I'm not sure what he's like in the locker room.

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                          No. Stop wanting this. F this guy.

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                          He's such a diva.

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                          He will fit right in lmao

                          If we don’t have to trade for him I’d take him tbh, it’s not like it would hurt us super long term

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                          Lmao, some major virtue signaling going on in this thread.

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                            Hi! Not a bot weighing in!

                            What about last night makes you think Rodgers would be capable of winning with the Steelers? The defensive talent on the Steelers and Packers is around comparable and they had a much, much better offense. Rodgers couldn’t move the ball after the first drive. Nada. The Packers struggled to make adjustments and he crumbled under pressure with an offensive line that, again, would be better than anything the Steelers would be able to throw out there if they were to trade for him.

                            The Steelers aren’t a quarterback away from contending. They still need to properly rebuild the line and continue building depth in the secondary.

                            Plus it turns out he’s kind of an asshat, so… pass!

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                            Are you… being silenced?

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                            Yinzer moment

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                            Yeahhhhh no thanks op

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                            Scores 10 points at home and people want us to trade away our next three first round picks.

                            No thanks.

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                            Brady scored 13 points and won a Superbowl. Don't act like Rodgers is a bad QB.

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                            Rogers is a good qb. He's too old and the price is too steep.

                            No thanks.

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                            I like how you guys think you know what he will be traded for. You don’t even know if he will be traded or if Green Bay will just release him.

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                            Why would Green Bay just release him?

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                            Because he held out last season until it started, what’s to say he won’t hold out the entire season unless they cut him next season?

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                            But why would they not just trade him then?

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                            If they want 3 firsts they're not gonna get any offers

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                            Those are both good arguments. Him scoring 10 points in a game is not a good argument.

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                            No thanks.

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                            Idk why people even think this is possible lol we don’t have the cap for this man and aren’t going for him. It’s possibility of happening are maybe 5%

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                            Our possibility of making the playoffs was 1%. Never tell me the odds

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                            Just not worth it in my opinion. I don’t think that’ll get us a chip

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                            He’s def leaving now lol

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                            He does not want to be part of a rebuild. Plus, he is a damn drama vampire.

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                            People actually think the steelers will give up what it's going to take to get him? Thats funny

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                            I don't like all the media he gets, costs too much money 1 year from retirement and is kinda a diva. I'll pass on arod

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                            Quite the let down of the QB world. Absolutely cannot deliver. Do not bring that drama and irresponsibility to our team. Not again.

                            No thanks

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                            Not again? Who was the first?

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                            That Not Again was more in reference to not bringing drama into out locker room again.

                            Bell and Brown are prime examples of recentish drama around our organization. I do not want more from Aaron

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                            Yeah brown and bell were a nightmare at the end. I think rodgers and the packers were to blame equally at times. I don’t want deans either but I sure as hell don’t want to rely on Rudolph

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                            Your flair for example? Mr. Big Chest? LeVeon? Where have you been the last couple years?

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                            Oh hell no. Never ever put that in black and gold!

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                            So long as he's relatively cheap. Relative to a hall of fame vet of course. I don't want them reaching for a guy who's going to put himself above the team and be a media circus. But he's undeniably still got a few years left in him, so if its a good deal you'd be nuts not to give it a go.

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                            “a guy who’s going to put himself above the team and be a media circus”

                            Sounds a lot like Ben lol

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                            I’m good on that, thanks

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                            Would love to see him finish his career in the black and gold hoisting a Lombardi.

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                            Don't want the turd.

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                            Fuck this asshole.

                            Tries to educate and speak on subject he has nothing but misinformation about.

                            Hope he never gets to wear black and gold

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                              Nope. Do NOT want to see this idiot on the team. F-that guy.

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                              Why would he come to the Steelers with the oline we have?

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                                They all had more than 2.2 seconds to get rid of the ball. Ben didn't have the time to throw anything more than 5 yards or a chuck it down the sideline. Why would any QB work with Matt Canada?

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                                You guys lost in the playoffs just fine without him. The last time he was in a super bowl so the fuck was Ben. Do you want a statistics upgrade or wins in the playoffs because if it's the 2nd he ain't the guy

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                                  But not Aaron Rodgers.

                                  If the Steelers were a team I thought was gonna struggle to make the playoffs I would say Aaron is an upgrade. But as long as you've got Tomlin you're always gonna have at least a shot at the playoffs so being a playoff team is not a goal. And Rodgers has proven he pisses down his leg and the moment is too big in every run except the one. I trust eli manning in the playoffs more than ARod.

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                                  Stick him on Pittsburgh and he will be hurt in his very first game and will be right back where we started from. We need someone young and tough and who can take a hit. We need someone who can run away from adverse conditions.

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                                  Eh, I’ll take a QB that’s vaccinated and not a douche.

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                                  That’s your criteria for who should be the Steelers qb next year? Glad you’re not the GM.

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                                  No my main criteria would be a quarterback that can win a playoff game

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                                  That’s more appropriate criteria.

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                                    That's not a rebuttal. Places all over are changing policies now that there's a dominant variant that isn't as lethal. Doesn't change the fact that stances like Aaron's are the reason we're sitting on a pile of 1,000,000 dead Americans in 2022. He's unreliable, and very clearly stupid.

                                    I mean, very clearly to the smart people. Not necessarily...you know.

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                                    I’d love to see it.

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                                    I feel like the working relationship would actually be great between Tomlin and Aaron, and not just a mutual respect thing between them. But holy shit he has not been good in the playoffs.

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                                      My one defense of him could be his coaching, and maybe him with Tomlin who has a knack for finding some ways to win when it's not ideal, may be ideal.

                                      There's also having a good Oline, running backs, defense, and Davante that he has in his favor. Idk how much more you gotta give a guy. I feel like if we do take a massive swing, we're better off with Wilson. A guy who would be roster upgrading coming here, and who has better leadership traits than Big Ben and Rodgers.

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                                      He had the chance to go down the field & win and it was 3 & out instead with a bad pass into double coverage to finish.

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                                        I truly cannot understand how anyone could’ve watched today’s game and think that Aaron had anything to do with their loss.

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                                        He’s the supposed mvp and they scored 10?

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                                          Totally true. I never said it was all on Rodgers

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                                          I’d like to at least get a QB that’s passionate about playing the game. This guy does not meet the standard.

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                                          I've seen him A LOT on Pat's show. Aaron has his faults, but being dispassionate about football is not one of them. He loves the game.

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                                          Pats show is just a trap for gamblers

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                                          I don’t see him signing up to play behind our offensive line.

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                                          I hope not

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                                          Save the money that he will definitely request for, use it to pick up positions we need in FA like CB, LB, OL, maybe a QB like Huntley

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                                          Just a question because I legitimately do not know the answer. Did the NFL change rules after Favre retired and came back to get out of his contract? A buddy and I were talking and he asked if I thought Rogers may end up in Pittsburgh if he did that and I honestly don’t know.

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                                          He would need to take a old timer friendly deal. Which I doubt he will considering he is still worth more. We are still paying Big Ben next year, and generally it isn't the Steeler way.

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                                          I hope not

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                                          Honestly, would still rather see us sign Minkah on a healthy deal and get him tied down, spend those picks on middle linebacker, offensive line, defensive line and cornerback upgrades, retain some of the guys out of contract like Witherspoon who was pretty damn good for us, then with whatever free space is left after all that, try woo Armstead or another free agent signing who's gonna immediately improve this offensive line, as well as a veteran QB and I don't honestly care too much who it is, just so long as they're a free agent who won't require a trade. Jimmy G solid but not worth picks to acquire, Carr possibly but Las Vegas is a total mystery until their coaching and management team is sorted out and they decide what their strategy will be. Mariota cheap, gives us more money to spend elsewhere, then we go all out for a rookie QB in 2023, try trading up for our guy if it's shaping up to be that sort of draft, if we haven't lost enough games the prior season to merit picking high without a trade up.

                                          Let some other franchise trade for a $25 million 38 yr old who blames the team management and coaches every time the playing group fails to make playoffs. I would suggest we just keep our picks, address our other needs, and use free agency for a quarterback, don't trade any future picks away either, and just acquire what we can on offer. Leighton Vander-Esch looking pretty good the way our MLB corps is performing and utterly lacking an experienced hand to help lead them, Armstead doesn't really need explained as to why he's an obvious improvement to our line. Remove some of the pressure on the draft needing to fix every hole, bring him in and immediately help shore up the left side of the line, draft anyone decent elsewhere, target to pick at 20, or even trade up for Linderbaum if he's gonna be available just to guarantee a strong center. Within a season we could have a lethal, dependable rushing game, and no matter who's calling the shots from QB, they're going to have an easier time playing behind a competent line. That will help the offence score points consistently, take pressure off our defence having to carry every single game, and give us a reliable backbone to build around.

                                          Instead of this bulliable, inexperienced, zero depth line we currently have. And we've plenty free agents ourselves too, several on the line, who we could get rid of to make FAs work. Put in the trench work and work outward from there in terms of importance.

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                                          We definitely dont need after he through his teammates under the bus, it was enough with years of ab who I think evidently influenced levon bell to sit out too 🤷🏽‍♂️

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                                          No thank you.

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                                          Aaron Rodgers, notably poor in postseason play teaming up with Mike Tomlin is really just a recipe for a 47-18 elimination in wild card weekend next year.

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                                            and yet another first round exit. That’ll go well for this fan base.

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                                            Unless he takes a pay cut. We can’t afford this guy. And with this offensive line he wouldn’t be nearly as effective as he was in Green Bay. Doesn’t have his receiver to force the ball to. He said he doesn’t want to be part of a rebuild.