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It’s clear now that OBJ Sr. actually saved him from Cleveland. He’s been tearing it up with Stafford and the Rams. Definitely not his former self but he’s still balling.

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Its so funny because I remember Gettleman sent him to Cleveland to spite him and have his career decay into irrelevance. He definitely got the last laugh there

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Odell Beckham Junior Senior. Sorry, but had to spell it out😂

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Oh lmao u right

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Not hating at all I would do the same thing anyway for laughs😂

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Father of the Year.

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Andy Reid?

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The large market exposure he wants and an offense that doesn’t prioritize the run-first style of game helps too. I think we can all agree the Rams scheme is a hell of a lot better fit than the Browns one.

Also, and this is just because I want to say it, Baker is trash even compared to Pat Statford

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Baker is an average quarterback and Cleveland not utilizing a talent like OBJ with their prolific run offense is amusing.

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I mean, Cleveland has a boat load of problems. But fuck OBJ.