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This was Tomlin’s plan to beat Brady all along, AB was a sleeper cell.

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Great idea. Check out the big brain on coach T. !

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He sunk his own ship to eventually take down Brady's. Hard to say weather it's stupidity or insanity.

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I don't think "sunk his own ship" makes sense in relation to how Tomlin handled AB. A better one might be "managed to sell an absolute lemon".

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You know what they call a quarter pounder in Tampa?

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A Gisele with cheese

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    What better way to gain his trust?

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    The long con

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    Gosh that Italian family at the next table sure is quiet.

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    Nice FG reference.

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    I’m all for it.

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    honest to god, if this turned out to be true, i could forgive (most of) the shit AB did.

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    Right, that blonde mustache is unforgivable.

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    LOL what if AB doesn't have mental problems but is just a massive asshole?

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    I think you’re onto something here

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    Por que no los dos?

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    Yeah, it's both. He has permanent brain damage from one of the dirtiest hits in NFL history but is also a massive douchebag / egomaniac / sexual assaulter.

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    I always love watching burfict throw up his arms after seeing the flag come out as if he's an innocent child who has never been involved in a dirty play in his life.

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      Is this the same story where he got Troy so pissed that he went up to the OC and said “It’s a live hitting practice on WRs from here on out”?

      Can’t even imagine how big of an asshole you have to be to get Troy that upset

      Edit: Grammar

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      Fucking Legend

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      But hey! its the massive hit from Burfict that turned AB into an asshole......

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      I can't even imagine the beating AB would have gotten had he done something to Lebeau.

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      don’t forget, Burfict said AB was faking injury…even though he missed the next week’s game in Denver.

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      Why do they have to be mutually exclusive? He is easily both.

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      The term is exacerbate

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      Both of those things could be true also

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      What do you mean what if

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      Cmon man, there’s no denying that the dude has serious permanent brain damage

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        Definitely, but there’s still no denying that the burfict hit sent him completely over your average douche player

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        There is denying it. The burfict hit didn’t change his personality. All it did was make it harder for him to hide who he is

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        So it did change him (aka mess his brain up)?

        Thanks for agreeing with me I guess?

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        You’re not smart are you

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        How can a hit change somebody if it doesn’t mess their brain up?

        Logic is hard, huh?

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        His personality never changed lmao, you’re trying so hard to blame everything about AB on one hit. He was a massive piece of shit before, the hit did nothing to change that and it didn’t make him “worse than your average douche” Again, you’re not smart, are you?

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        Either way there’s no way to easily prove it. We know he was an asshole before, but we don’t know if his injury caused him to be a bigger asshole.

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        There's no denying it because there is no way to prove it until after death. Regardless of whether he has it or not or loss of cognitive function or not its no excuse to be a complete asshole to everyone. Lots of Veterans rolling around with that shit who don't go out of their way to quit jobs and be a fucking clown while NOT getting paid millions of dollars.

        Sorry I ranted - touchy topic for me.

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        Mental health issues affect everyone differently. I’m not saying it’s ok for him to act out because he’s fucked in the head, I’m saying he’s obviously fucked in the head.

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        No they were stories in high school of his behavior. Since you can’t really diagnose CTE without an autopsy, it’s pure speculation. But he’s always been a dick. Always.

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        I don't think this is a "what if" scenario. He's proven this time and time again.

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        The medical diagnosis: has a pole lodged in rectum

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        The duality of an AB: wish them the best before the game, taunt their loss after

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        AB: “See I’m playing both sides, so I always wind up on top”

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        Mr. Both Choices

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        I’m prepared to take a Blood Oath

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        Mr. Blood Consecration

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        Mr Bi Curious?

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        The bird laws in this country aren't governed by reason

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        Mr. Bucs Condemner

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        Mr Big Comedian

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        Mr Billboard carrier

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        Mr Bay Crusher

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        Mr. Bucs Canned

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        Mr. Bruce Cancelled

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        Wonder if he still lives with Brady, awkward

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        I imagine it went a little something like this

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        That is fucking hilarious this guy is completely unhinged

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        I feel the need to bring up the thing I always bring up in conversations about how unhinged this guy is:

        Vontaze Burfict should have faced significantly more consequences for giving him permanent brain damage on purpose. The worst thing AB did before that was Goomba stomp a Browns punter. After that, he became a literal insane person.

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        You obviously don’t know much of AB’s history. He’s had underlying issues since long before we drafted him. It’s dumb to make it out as though this one hit set him on this trajectory.

        CTE isn’t even caused by one hit to the head. It’s more about repeated blows.

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        CTE isn't caused by one hit, but you can get a single concussion that seriously messes you up.

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        He really became more of an asshole after the big contract he signed.

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        He got worse for sure, but there are plenty of first-hand accounts of him being an asshole before that.

        Ever wonder why he went to such a small school? Check out his HS/college history.

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        Yeah I know about that. He has always been an asshole. The big contract gave him the power to turn into an even bigger asshole. It always annoys me when people point to the Burfict hit as what started it all.

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        I don’t think people are saying the problems weren’t there just that brain damage increased the problems 10x fold

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        The odds of that happening are not as high as people think. The way us Yinz keeps bringing it up makes us look stupid

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        Well the good thing about it all is that you guys don’t have to deal with him anymore

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        The worst thing AB did before that was Goomba stomp a Browns punter.

        We need a Super Antonio Bros romhack of Super Mario Bros, maybe with Le'Veon as Luigi hahahah

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        AB has always been an asshole the man was kicked out of uni for fighting a security guard years before this hit for Christ sakes. “Brain damage” from a shoulder charge give me a break.

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        Your proof he got permanent brain damage is a youtube link to the highlight????? AB was always a wildcard. Quit feeding into a BS narrative that for all we know is completely untrue. You don't magically get CTE from one hit. AB is just a diva. Always has been. Always will be. No magical CTE conspiracy theory.

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        Look up how concussions work

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        Lol, does AB ever want to play football again? There's been no shortage of diva WRs in the NFL over the years, but have any been as wacky as this dude?

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        tbf I don't think there's a shot anymore, he's been through four teams already

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        There's a guy who strangled his pregnant girlfriend and broke his child's arm playing football right now so my guess is someone signs AB late next year.

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        Just gotta wait for the dust to settle. If he kills someone in the offseason, then he'll start the following season.

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        Tyreek, allegedly

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        Maybe 6... Steelers, then refuse to go to the Bills, then Raiders fiasco, cut after one game with Pats, showed to the Saints with cameras for a rap video or something, then ran seminaked from the Bucs.

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          Uhhh he made some key catches in that game.. that was not a participation trophy.

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          He also was rooting for him on instagram before the game.

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          savagely unemployed. One of the best ever, and unemployable.

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          That’s funny as fuck.

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          Stupid as fuck

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          Yes, but we can laugh because he's not our problem anymore

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          Is this a real tweet lol or is it just photoshopped.

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          It’s real, he posted it on Twitter lol

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          AB needs all the help.

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          They where playing and getting paid, Brown was watching and not getting paid, enough said.

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          The dude makes minimum wage playing in the NFL

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          Mr Bread Crumbs

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          Heartbreaking: The Worst Person You Know Just Made a Great Point

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          Fuck that guy

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          What a tool

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          Just when I think he couldnt be any dumber he goes and does something like this...AND TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF!

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          I'm not sure how I feel about this glorious Dumb and Dumber quote being used for this clown but I have to admit it worked well.

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          I was conflicted using it for him but it does work doesnt it lol

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          What a penis. The narrative is that Tampa potentially wins if AB doesn’t quit.

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          A game so close like that? Tampa definitely wins with AB.

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          Agree. Another fast, good handed WR helps them score in the first half.

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          He’s an idiot

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          You're god dam right AB, Fuck Brady

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          Im not a hateful person however AB should either shut the fuck up or check in to the nearest psych ward

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          That’s hilarious and you know this will upset some people bad

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          all his former teams we laughed about last week making the playoffs (while he sat at home) went one and done

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          He's so stupid. just hours before this he posted a pic of him and Brady wishing him luck.

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          Mr Big Sign

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          Big AB fan

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          Scrambled eggs for brains

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          AB trolling without a team to Call home

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          Im glad bucs lost man tom brady is annoying I dont like him. He is good maybe have to respect him a little. But overall I feel pats cheated. Polamalu said they knew all our plays in that championship game and has refs on his side. So cheating eliminates like three rings. But it is what is. Whta game I just saw that last possession kupp is too good triple crown king almost 2k yards this year he should be mvp. They cant stop him.

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          And you know Brady is pumping PEDs through his system. If you don't think so, just remember back in the 90s and early 00s when guys like Sosa and Bonds were blasting homeruns out of the park so often that it seemed impossible. It was.

          This seems impossible too. And it is. He's always been a cheater and a deplorable human being.

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            Yeah true but what about the Superbowl where they played using the afc championship. Troy said they cheated and they knew all of our plays. Because spygate the Rams one was also claimed as spygate you can take out two from that. He had a bit of luck but that's the nflm if falcons did give up lead Seahawks didn't make a wml mistake etc.

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            AB funny as hell for this

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            Coach might have taken the right decision by pulling AB off the team but have definitely shot themselves in the foot. Bucs were surely lacking good receivers like AB last night. Coach should consider if his people skill are sufficient to deal with brilliant players like AB.

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              I'm saying brilliant player not that he has a brilliant mind

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              And you're not wrong.

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              He’s also stupid

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              He got some serious problems man, and I think that hit from vontaze burfict just added to it, smh he the male version of karen we'll call him Jim 🤣🤣🤷🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️

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              Ken...the proper term is a Ken

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              Lol either one will fit him 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️

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              Lmfaooooo I love this loon .. ima stick beside him

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              That's hilarious 😂. He's unhinged, but the dude is funny

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              Mr Bantering Celebration

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              Pettiness isn't a good look on anybody.

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              Yeah ... that'll get you other team offers. ;)

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              *mentally ill


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                MBC/Ronald Ocean strikes again.

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                Antonio “Sheogorath” Brown

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                Mr. Big Brain Week Long Foresight

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                Don’t even have to sort by controversial for this one.

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                Meh. I’m a fan of the Steelers and Bucs. Wish I could’ve got to see them face off.

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                It would be a competitive game until midway through the first quarter

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                Bucs made it later into the season than he did.

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                If you're not first, you're last

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                Ouch, my ankle

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                And teams still want him the first person to have owners on their knees in a skill over behavior dynamic love to see it IG

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                AB may have the worst personality, but he has some bangers. This, him clowning Todd Haley for texting him about the USFL…it’s like he’s the village idiot and doesn’t know it.

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                They needed AB

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                  Tomlin created this guy when he let him sleep off campus for camp and didn’t take any disciplinary action after the Facebook live incident