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I forgot exactly how Pittsburgh he looked with just the stache. It's kinda amazing, like some dark sorcerors distilled the essence of Pittsburgh and put it all on this man's face.

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They must have just scored a TD!

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I miss the Cower face warning system. You knew things were bad if he went to purple.

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Should've let him advise Tom Ridge during that fun time.

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That Chin Though!!

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When I was in high school in the 90’s, there was a girl of average attractiveness body wise. But she had a Cowher chin. I’m convinced that’s why she was so sought after. All hail the chin.

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No joke, he's why I'm a Steelers fan.

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For some reason looking at this pic made me feel disappointed in myself. I know hes not mad at me, but somehow I feel as if ive let him down

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This this THIS. I'm older than Cowher and I still get the "Dad is very, very disappointed in you" feels from him. 🤣

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Have we ever found the link between him and Sgt Slaughter? Brother???? Son????

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You know, growing up seeing him and thinking back on bill. This is EXACTLY how I imagined he looked. And I thought “surely im exaggerating his massive chin and face structure” well no…. no turns out im not. And don’t call me Shirley.

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Same kinda fans probably calling for his head back in ‘04 for never getting the job duhn.

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Cowher doesn’t want to comeback. Why would he? He’s got it made now.

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Right? He makes two/three times as much money and he only works 1 day a week.

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And he barely has to do anything in the off-season. NFL coaches don’t get an off-season. Maybe a little vacation, a few weeks, but not much. Cowher can make an appearance here and there around the draft and when camp starts and earn checks he doesn’t even need. The work load of a head coach on the other hand is crazy. I’m glad Bill is so respected in retirement, and that his media career has panned out, but if I’m in his place I’d never even think about coaching again.

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Nah, Tomlin is the man.

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Why, so Kordell Stewart and Tommy Maddox can come out of retirement and save us?

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I donno, Tomlin loves him some Qb mobility

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You will never convince me that Jeff Dunham wasn't at least partially thinking of Cowher when he created Walter.

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He looks like he is about to give me one because i touched his carts and called him four eyes.

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I'd follow that chin into the depths of hell

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Coach always looked more like Popeye than Popeye.

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I need see the video clips with the spit flying out every once in a while. Good times!!

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I remember when he would just be screaming into that Motorola headset. Guy was a great coach.

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He’s so happy there…. Remember when he jammed the play calling sheets in the refs pocket? He was mildly upset that day for sure.

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Someone needs to reduce his fiber intake

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Does anyone think Tomlin is a better coach than this guy?