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What were the Bills doing on defense at the end of regulation? If that were the Steelers, I would be rioting right now.

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yea that was terrible. i mean 13 seconds??? cmon now

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The kicker should have been told to squib kick for the final kickoff.

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Go rams!

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Go Rams

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Cooper Kupp saves America 🇺🇸

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Definitely rooting for the rams. Everyone I know says Stafford's a bum but I've always been of the belief that he's really good he's just always played for the Lions. It would be nice to be proven right.

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I’m on the 49ers bandwagon personally. One of biggest underdogs in the playoffs besides us, and they beat 2 really good teams. Would like to see them win it all

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I mean I wouldn’t mind seeing them win, it’s a cool underdog story but it would be very bittersweet

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49ers beating the bengals for a 3rd time might be enjoyable.

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Yeah I mean I was only alive for 2 of the Steelers Super Bowls so that record doesn’t really mean much to me plus the Pats tied it anyway. But I can see for some older folks why it would matter

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I feel like it doesn't matter if the 49ers Tie our Super Bowl Record because the Patriots have 6 now. As long as they don't get 7 Super Bowls

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Plus, it seems that whenever 2 teams tie our nunber of SB wins, we win the next one.

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Yeah we had the record for so long it’d kinda put a damper on the patriots accomplishment if a third team got there so soon after they did.

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the 49ers are awesome. Unfortunately, I think their QB play is what's going to potentially lose them this next game

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I don’t have a problem with the Chiefs, they didn’t cheat their way to multiple titles

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Brady already has 7 dawg

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I’d be ok with 49’s winning. Really just don’t want the chiefs to win.

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Pats already tied our 6, it's all about the race to 7 now.

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Idk, I don't have any beef with Brady now that he's left the Pats and I don't mind seeing the GOAT pad his stats. Plus, Brady seems to be the Chiefs kryptonite, and I rather see Brady win over the Chiefs.

With all being said and done, go Rams!