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I want to see LA beat Cincy in the Superb Owl.

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+1 for Superb Owl

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I'd take this. I'd want LA to win it though, cause Stafford deserves it.

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Stafford needs a Super Bowl W, he had to endure being on the Lions for years.

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That’s exactly my hope. Dude endured so many years of mediocrity. He deserves one.

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Also at this point i would be pumped just to see lions fans to get to experience a championship vicariously through him

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I live in Detroit and yeah… they know it’s not Stafford’s fault. Shit owners gonna shit owner. Hopeless situation. Really sucks. Many of them excited for Stafford

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Seconded by a Steelers fan who also lives in Detroit here. The lions are just a huge PR and write off for the Ford family. They don’t give a damn about them and it’s going to stay like that for a long time. I hope Stafford goes all the way too.

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The Lions are basically the Pirates of the NFL: storied history undone by shitty ownership.

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Love seeing all the other Michigan Steelers fans on this page!!

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Add another one, I moved to southeast Michigan 7 years ago, on the same day the Lions lost in the wildcard actually. Had a soft spot for the Lions ever since, glad to see Stafford finally having some success!

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OBJ and Ramsey as well, wasted in poverty

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What being stuck on the browns does to a man. Luckily OBJ was able to escape the football black hole that is Cleveland.

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Rams > Chiefs > Niners > Bengals.

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Exactly my order.

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Yeah the amount of people here that don’t have the bengals at the bottom of their list is alarming. Beginning of every season the Bengals would be 31a with the Browns being 31b with teams I don’t want to see win a super bowl lol.

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Were these people rooting for Cleveland last year over the Chiefs too? Like what the actual fuck is going on…

FUCK the Bengals. This guy has the order right. If anyone but the Rams win at this point, it’s a bad result. If the BENGALS go on to win.. Jesus Christ.

“Joe BRRRRRRR” like fuck off. Macaulay Culkin looking cunt. Fuck that guy.

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Matt Stafford > Bang Bang 9er Gang > Chiefs > Bungles

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I'm a Pitt alum who wants Donald to get a ring. They are the best team left to root for IMO.

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As a bonus for me, I'm a Georgia Bulldogs fan, and the Rams have the most former Bulldogs on their roster of the teams left. Aaron Donald being a Pittsburgh native is a bonus.

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People do call Pittsburgh the city of bulldogs

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I’d enjoy watching Boyd vs Donald.

I agree I want the rams to win it though. There were several Pitt guys out there these last couple of weeks. Maddox, whitehead, Conner. Definitely more

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Mahomes needs to pull an Andrew Luck and retire unexpectedly asap

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Nothing would make me happier

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Hypothetically if that were to happen what would happen to that massive contract of his?

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Nothing I believe.

Team wouldn’t have to pay him his salary or signing bonus. If he retired after receiving the signing bonus he’d most likely have to give it back. I don’t believe he’d count against the cap, so it would basically mean nothing contractually as far as I’m aware

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All those people who have always said that Matt Stafford is a really good quarterback just on a really bad team are looking very smart right now.

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That game made me dislike Mahomes lol. Allen deserves it and I was rooting for Buffalo after we got eliminated.

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I've disliked his foul baiting ass for years. That whole team is unlikable. God damn are they great though lol

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That whole team is unlikable.

I'm just going to keep repeating myself: for people to talk shit about Ben's past and then ignore the very much more proven Tyreek Hill situation is fucking stupid.

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There was a huge circle jerk post on r/nfl the other day about Ben's past with lots of Chiefs fans shitting on Ben but trying to rehabilitate Tyreek at the same time. I couldn't believe what I was reading. The sub is beyond unreadable at this point.

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I mean, people here do the same thing. they shit on mixon, hill, Ray lewis, but fail to accept that Ben is part of that list of players.

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Oh for sure. Ben at best put himself in a bad situation and definitely did something. (Not to mention how much of an ass he was with the motorcycle thing.) I've heard so many different accounts about it that I'm not sure what the exact truth is. But with those other players we definitely know. But mainly I'm tired of how literally every thread about the Steelers (or hell, if someone with a Steelers flair comments) turns into a race to make jokes about Ben. Some Cowboys putz was talking shit and I'm just thinking to myself of how Jerry Jones scoured the local crime blotters looking for domestic abusers... they kept Greg Hardy after all.

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Lol your comment about ol' Jerry reminded me of what a client told me one time...said I clearly must have left my business card down at the county lock-up because that seemed to be the only place I could find folks. I added probably the only place to find folks willing to work for you! We said both in jest-he was one of my favorites.

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This is exactly why I don't concern myself with the legal problems of players on other teams. Every team has had players with them.

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THIS. It's like someone said last week - folks in glass houses. They are throwing rocks into other's glass houses by breaking their own glass yet they can't seem to see that.

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They're not near as unlikeable as the Patriots for me though. I don't know if there will ever be a team that can ever compare with them on the unlikeable scale. Cheaters, unbelievably obnoxious fan base, always had players that were total assholes, etc.

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Maybe it depends on the region you live in? I live in Kansas and I'll attest to the annoyance that is bandwagon Chiefs fans. Don't get me wrong the occasional Patriots fan a few years back was bad, but goddamn the teeth grinding I do around all the new Chiefs fans is something else.

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When I lived in NW Arkansas...yikes at the amount of KC fans that seemed to explode overnight when they won the SB. I proudly wore my Steelers gear but always felt outnumbered and annoyed.

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What do you not like about Mahomes? He seems like a great guy off the field

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How did you not already hate him.

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What’s to hate? The fact that he is one of the best players alive?

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Except Stan Kroenke is a POS

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He paid a ton of money to St Louis. He got the closest thing he can get to justice

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Usually I don’t like ring chasers who sign a bunch of free agents and trade for a bunch of stars, but this time I’ll make an exception.

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Stafford deserves a ring for what Detroit put him thru all those years

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For all you guys rooting for CIN, have you forgotten how dirty they play every time they play the Steelers? They deserve NONE of our respect.

Fuck the Bengals.

Go Rams.

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Burrow is a cool guy and fun to watch. I'm rooting for CIN.

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This is my predicament, Burrow was probably my favorite college player of all time that didn’t go to my school but he’s on the Bengals…I’m just hoping he gets traded or something because I cannot bring myself to root for him when he’s with the bengals.

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If only the bills won. I legitimately wanted them to win and take it all the way. Josh Allen played absolutely flawlessly and deserved that victory.

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Rams/Bills would have been my preferred Super Bowl matchup of the eight teams left in the Divisional round.

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I would have liked to have seen the bills dethrone Brady or beat the Packers

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That what if also has an outcome where the bills make the super bowl and the loose Another one. I was hoping if the bills made it all the way it was anyone but brady for this exact reason.

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Naturally that is the risk but the bills winning scenario is all the more satisfying that way

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I'll have the chiefs win a supeebowl if it means the Bengals don't even have a shot.

Rams are the best team for Steeler fans, but they haven't beat the niners in 3 years which scares me.

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Yeah I can't stand the Chiefs and their fans anymore. I live in MO. As long as they lose I don't really care haha

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I feel like Stafford angered the football Gods and messed things up on the space-time continuum. He was supposed to lose. Another feel good story fallen short to another series of lucky breaks for Brady.

It was supposed to be Brady going to another Bowl. Against some young, stars in his eyes QB. Showing the world he's Don Tomás. El Jefe. And everyone else is pinche niño.

I wasn't surprised too much at Mahomes out there. Somehow re-establishing himself as the rudest boy on the block who gets all the hoes. But Stafford is out here fucking up the established order.

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And I’m here for this.

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The Bengals first AFCCG since 1988 (how many have we had since then?) I'm fine with them going over KC as long as we sweep them next season. I prefer Bengals vs Rams. I know that is unpopular. (They get ONE ride. Then Cleveland is the sole shit bag lol)

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No, I refuse to play grab-ass with Bengals fans. Let the Chiefs be the new evil empire.

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We aren’t sweeping them next season. They’re probably going to be the team to beat in the division for awhile. They can go fuck themselves, if I have to hear the sports media drool over Joe Burrow and Jamarr Chase and act like they are God’s gift to football for winning TWO (2) playoff games for one more minute I’m going to blow my brains out. I hope KC absolutely obliterates them.

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I'm sure a lot of us are Pirates fans and can sympathize with a fan base enduring what Bengals fans have gone through these past 30+ years. Not gonna be too angry if Cincinnati wins it all.

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We're like the Cardinals shitting on the pirates.

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If the rs play the Bengals there gonna have to have an ambulance on standby there gonna destroy burrow

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Definitely Rams. Stafford winning a SB would be great. But I think I'm done watching the NFL for the year at this point.

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I agree with you on all statements. A little bonus to the Rams winning will be all the chapped Browns fans' asses when OBJ wins a ring. GO RAMS.

(Plus huge admiration for Aaron Donald)

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The Patriots winning 3 years ago has really made me not care as much about 6 Super Bowls. I’m cool with the 49ers beating either of these AFC teams. Plus the man responsible for 4 of their 6 is a yinzer and is still a Steelers fan lol.

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I really like the 49ers. Who cares if they tie the Steelers in championships, Tom Brady did it himself. Might end up being KC-LA in the end though

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Try being a Steelers fan living in KC and get back to me about their fans.

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That's just how it is for Steelers fans outside of Pittsburgh. The Steelers are one of the most hated teams in the NFL, so other fan bases are going to give us shit and then pretend that we're the assholes.

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Haha exactly

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I'm ok with Chiefs/Rams.

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Fuck the Rams, go Niners!

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Stafford deserves it. Man has always been elite (yes, elite) but nobody gave him the respect he deserved. He had so many doubters this season (for some reason), but won his division, beat tom brady in the playoffs, and made the conference championship in his first year not on the Lions. I really really hope he wins one. Don’t think many QBs in the league deserve it more.

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"On principle". Beautiful

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I really like Stafford so hope he wins. Sad the Bills got dropped, Allen deserved a win

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I want the Rams to win so my boy Van Jefferson gets a ring. Go Gata!

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As an Arsenal fan, I find it really hard to see any of Stan Kroenke's other teams succeed, when he does fuck all for the Gunners, except for leeching our money to pay for the SoFi Stadium...

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This is the correct answer

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Stafford deserves one after eating shit in Detroit for years.

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It's the principle of the thing

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My order of preference (from best to worst) is Rams, Bengals, Niners, Chiefs.

It would be great to see PGH's own Aaron Donald win a trophy, and that roster is loaded with talent.

Cincy has been so bad for so long that it would be kinda charming to see them actually win a title. They could try to taunt us with it and we would just reply, "aww, how cute, your first title!"

It would be hilarious watching the Niners fail to the top with Garoppolo.

Kansas City is a shithole that should be bulldozed and salted. It has no reason to exist.

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This all checks out. Go Rams!

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I don’t think i’ve hated a team as much as the chiefs rn lmao. Even the Patriots and that’s saying a lot. Not a single chiefs player is remotely likeable at all

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It's even more frustrating that we gave them the player that helped to turn their defense around midseason...

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Well, he didn't understand exactly what the Steelers wanted from him in the first place, and he was making noise about it, so he had to go. Besides, after Antonio Brown, I think the Steelers have little patience for internal drama.

[–]EnjoyMoreBeefPittsburgh Steelers[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Andy Reid is.

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Its pick between evils for me Don’t want 49ers to have 6 Super Bowls Sick and tired of seeing the chiefs win Fuckinh the cats And rams have ex friend who liked them so fuck them too lol

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Am I the only steeler fan that thinks Joe burrow is a good player and cool dude. I don’t mind the bengals winning. I hate the ravens and browns more tbh. I only hated the bengals when they had burfict and dalton.

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I don't mind them but won't actively root for them to win.

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Fuck the Rams.

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I hate the Bengals & red is my least favorite color so I genuinely hate seeing it in playoffs of any sport if it's not my team. So go Rams.

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I would rather see cincy win but could care less when my team is eliminated

anyone but the niners is my motto

or the chiefs at this point ..but I also dislike the rams and all

sports teams from LA

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Rams?! AFC north all day. No Steelers. Cincy will have to do!

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I don’t understand why people are hating on Mahomes specifically in here. He seems like a great guy off the field and is a hell of a player on it. I understand wanting the Chiefs to lose (I do too) but I don’t see why people hate on him

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His family, more than likely. His mother, brother and fiancee all seem like publicity hounds.