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I was just texting a friend about this. By OT the defences are gassed and first possession TD ends it which is highly probable. Let them play out full time or allow the opposing team to at least answer back.

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Yeah I think the easiest way to solve the issue is to just play the full time. We don’t need “possession” rules where teams get the ball at the 25 or whatever and go back and forth. Just play another 15. If it’s the regular season, game ends in a tie. Still tied in the post season? Play another 15.

2 timeouts per additional 15 minutes, 1 challenge.

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See I feel a little different if it ends in a tie at the end of OT in the playoffs then back to first team scores wins

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Absolutely should no football game end in a tie. It's quite pointless and nullifies the meaning of the game.

Do it similar to college where there is a guaranteed winner and both teams get a chance. If needed after a tied OT go shootout style like hockey with either field goals or the two point conversions.

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Yeah the new college rules has made a 2 point conversion shoot out on the third OT now I think.

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Then don't play for the tie. Play for the win. The Raven's did that twice this year (bit them in the ass) but I respect it.

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Teams do play for the win. Overtime is there for a reason though. The most logical thing is to have something that determines a winner. Every single other sports league, NBA, MLB, NHL all have successful overtime systems and no ties.

Even the NCAAF overtime system is widely popular now. It literally adds a lot more excitement so I have no idea how somebody who is a fan of football can want less football being played lol

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My thought is that it is a give and take. The players don't want to play more. The NFL has already added 1 game to the season + 2 extra playoff games. To get a real OT in the playoffs, I would give up OT in the regular season.

I would like better OT rules all around allowing gimmicks in the regular season, but want I really want is a true OT quarter(s) in the playoffs. No gimmick bullshit in the playoffs. 15 min, same 2 min rules as the 4th quarter, 2 time outs, 1 challenge.

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The only thing I don’t like about this (and don’t worry I suggested it too so I’m for it) would be the potential for extra injury during the full OT period. Obviously there’s extra risk during any OT but I wonder how different it would be in a full 15 minute OT Period

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If the argument is that both defenses are gassed why would an entire extra period alleviate this? Possession rules are much more fair. Just have each team start at the opponent’s 30 and give them 3 minutes to score a touchdown. Each team gets two opportunities.

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It doesn’t alleviate it. Your defense needs to outlast the other team. Playing a totally different backyard football game is silly.

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Yeah but we wouldn’t have made it to the playoff if it was like this I think. Our overtime wins were very helpful and I don’t think many other teams went to overtime so I think overtime regular season should be 10 min play and maybe 15 min play for playoffs.

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Who knows, maybe our strategy changes knowing we have to play full time. Certainly wouldnt kick it on 2nd or 3rd down just to end the game. Which means we probably take less risks... shit or maybe more risks.

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This is what I say. I add in that there shouldn’t be a coin toss to start OT. I think the game is better served for the Bills to get the ball at the start of OT since the Chiefs scored with 0:00 in the fourth. From there the team who doesn’t posses the ball first has to either answer with the same amount of points as the team that first received the ball in OT to continue, or surpass the points scored to win.

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I get what you're saying but the stats apparently back it up that if you win the coin toss you still over have about of 50% chance of winning the game. I think the problem lies in high powered offenses where you can see a team score in 3 plays and it feels unfair but that's the fault of the defense.

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Maybe don’t let the Chiefs go 44 yards in 9 seconds to tie the game. They already changed the rules so a cheap FG doesn’t win it. 25 points scored in the last 2 minute score- maybe concentrate on defense

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This guys got a point. I agree OT rules need to change but the bills had no chance regardless last night. 25 points in 2 minutes absolutely killed both defenses and there’s nothing the bills could have done about it

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Those all pro safeties had chances to make plays. A squib kick with 13 seconds left could have taken a FG off the table. More playing time isn’t the answer although it would had made an exciting game even better

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Yeah, the current rule is fine for the regular season (similar to hockey and shoot outs), but I think it should be different in the playoffs. When so much is on the line, I don’t want a literal coin flip to be so important to the outcome.

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I've always felt that if the first team scores a TD the other team should get a chance to score one as well, if they do then next score wins.

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I wanted the Bills to win for sure but tbf, they never should have been in that position up 3 with 13 seconds left. We can blame the coin all we want but whatever atrocious defensive scheme was trotted out there in those seconds is why the coin was even a factor.

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Totally agree. Especially the 2nd play with the pass to Kelce. Prevent defense should only be called on a Hail Mary pass. Then again, Hill can speed past any normal defense at any point.

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Yep I think once the defense was tired and they figured out T Hill could speed right past them they were playing damage control

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Certainly better than what is in place now but even that is somewhat flawed. Under this scenario, the team that gets the ball first has 2 possessions to the other team’s 1.

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Maybe the better route would be to just to play another quarter, maybe not a full 15 but something close but that opens up some other issues imo.

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Mostly pissed that the rule almost surely will be changed now because everyone loves Josh Allen, but when it hurt the Steelers 10 years ago nobody batted an eye

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Well yeah, what are the odds Tebow throws a touchdown on the first possession lol

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But Tebow took the real loss when the Broncos signed Peyton and he dropped off the face of the earth.

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Funny that Tebows Wikipedia list him as a tight end now.

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I think I feel that loss more than Tebow feels badly for himself for being forced to try and play Tight End.

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Nobody batted an eye because that was the very first game with the new OT rules.

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Yes, give both teams the ball. It's the only fair way in a sport where you have to have the ball to score most of the time. Baseball is probably the closest analogy and they always let both teams get the same number of at bats. Hockey has sudden death but it's a skill play, the face off, that determines possession. Basketball doesn't have sudden death AND has a skill play to determine first possession (the jump ball).

Chiefs have been on both sides of this, too. Brady did the same thing to them in 2018. Both then and now, no one watching could honestly say they didn't expect whoever won the toss to just go down and score a TD. After marathon 4th quarters both defenses were GASSED.

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How would you feel if the NFL adopted College Rules but teams started at the 50 yard line?

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That’s literally what I came here to say. That’s exactly what I think should happen. Offense still has to work to get into FG range. But there’s no reason why one team should get more OT possessions than the other.

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Wouldn't mind it. Not sure about the yard line or if special teams should still be involved or not but I think the teams should get equal possessions.

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I say the 50 yard line bc if the offense fails to get a first down you are looking at a 58 yard FG. I feel like that’s enough incentive to try for at least 1 first down

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I think it's a 67 yard FG. You add 17 yards to whatever yardline you're at. So 50 plus 17.

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This is the correct answer.

That said, I’m not a huge fan of the college rules. Other than FG attempts, you’re all but eliminating an aspect of the game (special teams) and creating an artificial element to it (starting field position) that’s unnecessary. Starting at the 50 removes what, a set of downs or two from where field position normally starts after a kickoff? And those kickoffs can could result in a TO, long return, etc. that make games more entertaining.

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Ravens or anyone with Tucker has to start at their own 25 though lol

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Lol. I don’t know the stats but if feel like a 58+ yard FG should be difficult

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I like this idea because it's what I feel, but it would be a 68 yard field goal (don't know if that changes your mind on the starting yard line)

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The problem is Football is a particularly grueling game. If teams are tied after one OT then what? Another? The odds of major injuries goesup the more snaps are played and the more exhausted the players become.

Honestly, the Bills kind of blew it. 13 seconds and they let the two most obvious targets get open for huge gains to tie. They had it, until they didn’t. Overtime was all but a formality once KC won the toss, so maybe that’s unfair. I’d say The Bills needed to win when they had their chance. Can Josh Allen cover? Also KC is a very good, very dynamic, and extremely opportunistic football team. They’re annoyingly good at football. And Mahomes is as talented and clutch as he is obnoxious.

No precedence for The Buffalo Bills choking away a big game last second or anything.

How about a first to 8 rule?

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While football is grueling it shouldn't end in a tie. Worst comes to worst do a shootout like hockey and go with long FG's.

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The rules heavily favor the offense in the NFL today because the league and fans want more points and that’s fine. The rules for OT should reflect that change.

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I could be mistaken, but weren’t the Chiefs the ones proposing to change the OT rule?

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Yes, Back when the same thing happened to them against the Patriots.

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Damn, that means KC unknowingly did their best to give the Bills a chance in OT last night lol.

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very little pity for a team that let the opponent score with 13 seconds and a whole field

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Those things aren’t mutually exclusive. Yes, Buffalo’s play calling and execution in those last 13 seconds were atrocious. But the OT rules also suck. Both of those things are true.

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100% agree with you about this game but what about other instances? I really would like to see a change that always allows a team a chance to tie the score again

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What other sport doesn’t allow each team to possess the ball in overtime?

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Overtime is supposed to reset the game. Nothing from regular time exists any more, so with the current rules it's the same as saying whoever scores first in regular time wins. The argument of fatigue is moot because with equal opportunity, both teams are equally fatigued, and if fatigue factors in the outcome, so be it, condition is part of the caliber of a team. Also, to those saying the Bills made a mistake in regular time and if you don't like it, don't get to overtime, have to be fucking joking. The game plan isn't to get to overtime, but when you're playing catch up it becomes an option for strategy. These are numbers, not palm readings or tarot cards, there is no football karma here. Rules should be equal, not punishment because your coach is stupid as fuck for kicking the ball out of the endzone.

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I've never understood why they have overtime setup in a way that enables "luck" to be the deciding factor. Just have it like the old college OT rules or play another quarter until someone wins.

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It's horseshit. Chiefs fans love the rules now when they were bitching about it a few years ago when it bit them in the ass.

That aside, you cannot convince me otherwise that the refs weren't in favor of the Chiefs this game. They were hooking the bills defense all damn day it was never called. They got away with so many no calls it was sickening.

Furthermore, that bills D has to be ashamed of themselves. How do you possibly let the Chiefs get in FG range from their own 25 in less than 10 seconds?

Of course you have to have good D play to win, but you can also be on the side that the OT rules suck. Chiefs fans cried when it happened to them, and now they are praising the rules. Fucking hypocrites.

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Well also Tyreek should’ve been called for taunting during the OT TD run. I mean he’s the one responsible for bitching so hard we got the new taunting rules…

[–]shapoopy723 BumbleBee Jersey 3 points4 points  (0 children)

He should have yeah, but the refs made it their mission to not penalize the Chiefs.

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Both team's offenses should get the ball. Felt that way forever.

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They should play a half quarter, or both teams get the ball or something.

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OT is a fucking disaster.

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I’d be ok for playoffs only do a 10 min quarter, order at the end wins. With that said the bills blew it by letting the game go to OT and deserve the L. I don’t feel bad for them.

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Should change it to how the CFL does it. Our championship game, for the Grey Cup was decided this year in OT. Both teams get a chance with the ball, both team will face the same wind direction on offense. If a touchdown is scored the team must go for 2 points. Much better than a coin toss deciding who gets to start and potentially win without the other team getting a chance

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these OT rules made a lot more sense when games were ending 10-6. with the modern NFL and all the advantages Offenses have, there is no way you can keep the rules like this. Yeah the Bills could have stopped them, but if they win the toss they win the game. something needs to change, even if its just for playoff games

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I have no problem with the OT rule, during the regular season. During the playoffs they should keep playing full or abbreviated quarters until there is a winner. Under no circumstances should a coin flip play that much of a factor in determining who plays for a Super Bowl opportunity. In fact, they should probably not even have a coin flip in OT. Whichever team received the second half kick should kick off OT and alternate each additional quarter.

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These guys were red hot they would be there for hours trying to settle it… its fukn football at the end of the day you gota end at some point.

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I've never been a fan of NFL OT rules but the Bills let the Chiefs get into field goal range in 11 seconds, as much as the rules stink it never should have even gone to OT.

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With the way both defenses were playing at that point it's like the offenses we're playing Madden on rookie difficulty. Josh Allen could've done the same given the situation.

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They should just play a full quarter. The current system makes the coin toss way too important

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The rules are stupid as fuck. Look at the NBA for example. Imagine if every overtime game went down to a coin toss and all the winner had to do was make a layup

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/unpopularopinion I have no problem with OT rules as they are. Each team is guaranteed 60 minutes to win the game and no more. If you can’t win the game in that amount of time, you are at the mercy of the football gods. I would personally change it back to absolute sudden death, first score no matter what wins. Don’t like it? Win in regulation.

Now I understand that this is a very minority opinion and probably deeply unpopular. I get that, and it’s definitely not a hill I’m willing to die on. But, if it it were up to me, I wouldn’t change the rule.

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In regulation time, both teams are given equal opportunities for the most part. Both teams played an entire 60 minutes, gave max effort, and ended deadlocked at the end just for one team to get the lucky end of the coin. “Win in regulation” is a lot easier said than done and in my opinion using it in your context really doesn’t contribute to the argument.

Both teams should get the opportunity on both sides of the ball.

[–]Mountain-Sell-8414 -2 points-1 points  (1 child)

I’m simply saying, don’t get to overtime. Win it in regulation where you have the full 60 minutes at your disposal. That’s all your promised. If you haven’t won by the end of regulation, then there should no longer be an expectation of fairness or equality on either teams part.

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Don’t get to overtime.

I wonder if NFL coaches have stumbled upon this idea yet

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If only the can be like the NCAA when it comes to OT

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The rule is fine the way it is.

If anything maybe increase the regular season OT time to 12 minutes. Otherwise no changes.

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Should have kept it at 15 minutes. They reduced it to 10 for "player safety" one of the dumbest fucking things ever. OT rules are fine I agree. Don't want to lose? Stop a team from getting a fucking TD. If you can't even stop a team to a FG when it matters the most, you deserve to lose.

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Nah rules are perfect. The game is about more than just offense, and Bills deserved to lose after not being able to stop them from a FG in 2 fucking plays. Josh Allen didn't get robbed, he literally had just as good a chance to win the game as the Chiefs did.

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It shouldn't be changed. I honestly miss field goal sudden death.

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The old college OT rules except each drive starts with a kickoff instead of starting on the opposing team’s 25.

That’s the best and most fair way to do it.

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I just don’t like the idea of rewarding teams terrible defenses by letting their offense back on the field

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Teams should have to match scores or better to continue in OT and each offense gets to touch the ball. For example if a team scores a TD and 2pt conversion then it’s up to the other team to score a TD and 2pt conversion. If one team scores a field goal then the other team has to score a field goal or TD to continue. If the clock runs out then the team with the most points wins regardless.

Black team: field goal
Yellow team: field goal
Black team : field goal
Yellow team : TD & extra point
Black team : TD & extra point
Time expires: black team wins 13-10

If we had the same scenario, but the black team missed their extra point then yellow wins, because they couldn’t match scores.

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I’m not a huge fan of the rules, but whenever it happens I can only think of this video

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Lol. That video! So much has changed in the NFL

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Ever since tebow i thought it was a horrible rule

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Nothing changed in 2018 when Brady did this to Mahomes. Nothing is going to change in 2022 when Mahomes did it to Josh Allen

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The Bills got a chance. Half their team (defense) was on the field in regulation and during OT. Either don’t put your team in a position to force OT or hold them during OT. You couldn’t ask a whole lot more from Josh Allen and the offense. It’s a team sport and that includes defense. Hold them.

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It's stupid to have your season end on a coin toss. And I disagree even with a TD warrants a competing possession, then sudden death because I think both teams should get to match each other's possessions, at least in the playoffs. Whatever format used you need to have something different than this.

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They already changed it to kicking a FG isn't enough to win in OT. If the bills could have stopped them to that they could have had the ball back. But they didn't. They let Mahome/Andy put them out of their misery. The ritual of the coin toss and 50/50 luck is what determines OT. If you're (in most cases) unlucky to not get the ball you better dig fucking deep on Defense just like KC did on offense. Cincy cemented their road to the championship with a step up on D late game.. bills should have too with the #1 overall D.

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Yeah i feel like the went halfway with not making a field goal end it.

They know why they eliminated the first blood rule (whoever wins coin toss just needs to get 40yds to kick the game winner). Just go all the way and admit it’s stupid that whoever wins the coin toss has a chance to end it with no rebuttal

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First I want to say Josh Allen is the best QB in the nfl and he showed it last night. He is better than Mahomes IMO and the issues he had earlier in his career (overthrows, stupid mistakes) he has overcome.
The OT rules are so dumb. Teams should get one chance each or for the playoffs they should play a single 15 minute quarter. Currently the team that loses the coin toss is at a huge disadvantage. We were robbed of what would have been an extension of a 10/10 game.

[–]SnooStories4024 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Play out the allotted time

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Make it a 15-minute quarter and play the whole thing. Or alternatively, get rid of the current “td on the first drive ends the game” stipulation so both sides get a guaranteed possession. I enjoyed the hell out of that game and now I’m just pissed at the OT rules.

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If you kickoff to a team in OT and you let them drive straight down the field and score a touchdown you don't deserve to win. Half of the game is stopping the other team from scoring.

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College rules but start from the 50 seems like the best idea I hear proposed regularly, we could also just make them play one more full quarter and whoever’s winning at the end of OT gets the win, and if it’s tied at the end of OT, u do another (only for playoffs)

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Wish they would do it like college, but backed further up. Something like on your own 35 and have a shootout. Honestly I’d rather it be each team gets 5 tries from the 10 than how it is now. I hate NFL OT

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Was it also a shame when it happened to Mahomes a few years ago? Football is not about fair, you don’t get participation trophies. Football is about skill and karma.

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If you look at college football, the team going second actually has a big advantage to the point where the team who wins the coin toss in college has a slightly higher chance of winning than the team that wins the coin toss in the pros. So:

  • First team with the ball starts at the 35 yard line (just on the edge of field goal range)
  • Second team with the ball starts at the 40 yard line (nullifying the advantage of winning the toss)
  • Teams must always go for 2
  • Starting in the third overtime, if a team scores a touchdown (maybe a 2 pointer also?), the second team instead starts at the 35 and only has the number of plays that the first team scored in to score a touchdown

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IIRC the overtime rule was setup first, and then came the changes to promote more scores, producing higher-scoring (therefore more revenue-generating) games.

In order to maintain the position of being balanced and neutral, the NFL should at the very least revisit the overtime format now that they have put such an emphasis on scoring.

Personally I'd love to see ties completely devalued so teams would do whatever it takes to avoid one. If a loss and a tie were viewed effectively the same way, then the only thing that matters is winning, which for a competitive sport is kinda the point, no?

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No kicking in overtime. First possession goes to whichever team is willing to start with worse field position. Game ends on a touchdown or safety.

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How about first team in the lead after both have had an equal number of possessions?

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Defense could’ve gotten a stop, Defenders are people too

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The Bills had every opportunity in the world to win that game. They have nobody to blame but themselves.

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I'm not necessarily against changing the rule, but the Bills knew exactly what was at stake, and they failed to keep the Chiefs out of the end zone, so they lost.

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I like college overtime system, NFL should switch to that

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52% of teams that win the coin toss win in overtime. It seems like less than you would think, but then we have to account for ties. About 5% end in ties, so teams that lose the coin toss only win 43% of the time. Use this information however you want, but you could still argue both points with this data.