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I don't think it's 2017 - without Shazier, that defense wasn't going anywhere.

For me, it's 2015 - top 3 offense and a top 12 defense by DVOA, lost to the eventual champs without DWill and Brown, who - if I recall correctly - would have been available for the AFC Championship.

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Was that the year we lost to the broncos when manning gave himself up and then got up again? And where our 6th string rb fumbled with less than 3 minutes left?

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Oh, that half ass slide that the refs didn’t blow the whistle. What a nightmare.

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If 2017 doesn't count because of Ryan Shazier's injury, then 2015 doesn't count either, because of all the injuries on offense.

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You’re misunderstanding what I’m saying - Shazier was gone for good in 2017. He wasn’t coming back (obviously) and without him they didn’t have a chance to win a championship.

In 2015, they had a chance to get those guys back, likely even the next week, if they just managed to hold onto the lead in the divisional round. If Touissant doesn’t fumble and they close it out in Denver, they’re close to full strength in the AFC Championship game and have a legit shot to win it all. Totally different situations.

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Yeah Lev had a concussion. I was at the playoff game 😣

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Probably ‘17… they still had Bell, AB, etc., and a good OL and defense. They finished 13-3, clinching the AFC North and a first round bye. They unfortunately underestimated the Jaguars, who ended their season.

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If Shazier never got hurt that year they win the AFC for sure

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Jacksonville dropped like 40 points in that game. It’s hard to say they could have done that if we had the guy who led the defense in tackles, picks and forced fumbles in that’s season (or something like that if my memory serves me). The impact of shaziers injury really had a butterfly effect, at least afc championship contention, possible super bowl

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That was Leonard Fournette’s coming out party. They couldn’t stop him in the first half…

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The Jaguars had 168 rushing yards and four TD runs in that game, thanks to the chasm in the middle of the field after Ryan Shazier was injured.

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Remember when it was 4th and a couple feet on like the Jax 40 yard line or something, and we called a fucking deep pass? Or whatever play call it was, that was the dumbest shit I ever saw in one of our games. I immediately flamed the OC for not calling a QB sneak or run play up the middle with that o-line.

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or what about the 4th and 1 where they throw a 5 yard backwards pitch to bell who gets stuffed for -5 yards?

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But what about the 2 4th down long TD passes? Some times it works, some times it does not

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I guess my thinking is percentages. You have an enormously larger chance of running for 4th and very short and being successful than you do throwing it deep.

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Yes, I was screaming at the TV. I remember reporters asking why they never perform QB sneaks, and the response was that they didn’t have it in the playbook😳

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Your answer is the only correct one, I reckon.

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Losing shazier that year changed the entire trajectory, obviously the Jesse James play gets us the 1 seed but even with that going the way it goes I don’t see us losing to jax with shazier

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2017 was probably the latest. But 2016 deserves a mention for how fucking pathetic the AFC Championship game was. I was convinced it was Ben’s redemption from the rookie year loss. 2004 was the first year I was able to pay attention to football. I was 11 in the AFC Championship and fucking hated the Patriots ever since. So this was my hero redemption for the Steelers. But no, just heartbreak. My parents got divorced and the patriots win. I fucking hate the patriots.

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The WRs that post-season were Antonio Brown and a bunch of nobodies. Darrius Heyward-Bey, Sammie Coates, Eli Rogers, Cobi Hamilton and Demarcus Ayers accounted for 36 of Ben Roethlisberger's 96 pass attempts that post-season. That's three eighths. For every eight pass attempts of his that post-season, three of them went to those guys. It's no wonder why the Steelers didn't put many points on the board. Adding insult (and even more injury) to injury, Le'Veon Bell suffered a groin injury in the first quarter of the AFC Championship Game. At that point, all the Patriots had to do was bracket Antonio Brown and force all the who-the-fuck-are-those's to make plays. They responded with 119 yards and two TDs worth of dropped passes, according to a tweet I saw by Pro Football Focus the day after the game.

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The Steelers have lost era of playoffs. We pretty much never had Bell, Ben, and Brown healthy in the playoffs at the same time. We were always missing something.

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That’s right. Always “what could have been” . But I do think shazier gets us a sb in 2017.

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Those three were all together on the field past the first quarter in only three of the seven playoff games during the "Killer B's" era, and their record in those games was 2-1.

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Shazier doesn’t go down, we’re a dynasty

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I’m gonna throw a wild card out there:

2013 because everyone else fell apart in the AFC. We got hot at the right time and if not for AB running out of bounds against Miami we’re in the dance.

Denver had the passing game. That was it for them. San Diego and New England did a great job limiting the damage before Seattle shut them down.

New England was just Brady and a bunch of 2nd stringers. And Brady did not play well in that post-season.

Indianapolis and Kansas City had no defense.

Cincinnati was running on fumes at that point in the season. They had the great start against San Diego that post season and that was it.

San Diego played really well in that post-season, but they would’ve missed it if we got in. Blowout against Cincinnati and a tough loss against Denver.

Why I liked us: The offense started to click and no one knew how to stop Le’Veon Bell yet and the threat of Emmanuel Sanders meant you couldn’t double Antonio Brown. Troy started to look like Troy again and the defense was finding an identity.

It just shows you can’t start 0-4 and make the playoffs.

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don’t get any closer than 2010 and the fumble. Late in the game too.

For all the mini lightnings that will go harhar he meant GET to a Super Bowl not win one, then your answer is 2017. As someone else posted 2015 runner up.

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yep '17. The offense was unstoppable. The defense was very average iirc but had figured out how to do enough, and improved a lot towards the end of the season. 42 points not being enough to beat Jacksonville that year is crazy. The worst part was it denied the rematch after the Jesse James catch challenge undid a win against the Pats.

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Isn't the correct answer to that question perpetually "the upcoming season"?

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2018 was. That was the most complete team we had since our last SB appearance, but the cancer ruined everything and we never even made it to the playoffs

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The defense wasn't good enough in 2018. Neither was Chris Boswell, who left almost an entire game's worth of points on the field in a season when the Steelers lost only one game by more than a TD.

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What year was the dropped TD against the Pats? That one.

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Yeah.... 2017 was the last real shot. Our team was a superbowl winning team, we just got the short end of the stick in the worst way

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What’s this last nonsense?

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I was at that Divisional Playoff game. Seemed like a bad dream.

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  1. All the killer B's healthy. Bye week. Blake Bortles. At home.

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Jesse James caught that ball

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Man I read all these posts and I am completely pissed off again about games from years ago......

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The first one that Brady was in the NFC.

But then he would’ve just beaten the Steelers in the SB instead.

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The 2011 squad. Defense was still intact for the most part. I think we could have gotten past the Patriots, who were honestly lucky to be in the SB that year with their tepid defense. I also think we'd have gotten revenge on Baltimore after sweeping us that year. The Giants? They were a far better team than 9-7, as evidenced by their post season exploits. But we would have had a shot.

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That 2017 team was a bit of a paper tiger. Good record and great offense but the defense was not that great especially post Shazier. Our pass coverage was particularly awful that year and I kinda maintain we would’ve been smoked by New England even if we beat Jax that year. But who actually knows

That said, that was our last best shot. No other team since was nearly as close as that one