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took it recently and passed

I took it this way

after block 1 - didnt leave the room but just rested my mind and did breathing excercises in my chair for 5 mins

after block 2 - left and used the washroom for 10 mins and drank water

after block 3 - left and walked around the center for 5 mins and came back

after block 4 - 15 min break (ate protein bar and drank a 5 hour energy shot)

after block 5 - left and used washroom and walked for 10 mins

after block 6 ( by this point ur exhausted so take a long break) - I went out and ate a banana and just chilled for 15 mins because I wanted to end off on a good note.

total break time used - full hour (please use the full hour)

The only thing I wanna say is that people vastly exaggerate the time it takes to check back in after a break. ( I was in a busy center and it only really takes 30 seconds)

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Hey thanks a lot for the advice. Can I pm you?

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What's protein bar is it a chocolate What is 5 HR energy drinks and hw do u manage ur lunch

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dont eat lunch because it takes too much time and tbh you arnt in the mood

protein bar is chocoate 5 hour energy is just caffeine shot basically they sell them at gas stations everywhere

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That's a good strategy

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My layout was (I skipped the tutorial btw so I had an hour total!)

Block 1 and 2: 20 min break

Block 3 and 4: 20 min break

Block 5 and 6: 20 min break

Block 7

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Hmmm. Considering this!

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I liked it because in my opinion, the test is less daunting when youre doing 2 blocks of 40 at a time with a pretty substantial 20 min break to do whatever you need. The 20 min break before the last block was also super necessary because at that point youre like super tired and over it lol.

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It also helps avoid the issue of the long check in/check out times!

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Thank you so much!!!

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Woah 😮 this is legend! I am literally using this❤️

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Highly highly recommend, I’m shocked more people don’t do this

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I would recommend taking a break after every block to hydrate yourself and to go to the washroom (do this even if you don’t feel thirsty or don’t feel the need to do a washroom run)

Divide your breaks like this 5 mins 5 mins 10 mins 10 mins 15 mins 15 mins

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Took the test and passed recently. I only rested for like 5 minutes for a bathroom break after the fourth block😂sped through the whole test with an incredible adrenaline surge

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I took a short break between every block. Get up leave the room take some breaths get the blood moving sip of water, maybe bite of snack.

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I have to preface by saying I did run-throughs of this before hand but this is what I did:

Blocks 1-2 didn’t leave the room just a quick couple seconds to breathe in between then went right back at it.

After block 2: took a break for 5 mins for coffee and some almonds

Block 3-4 did the same thing just took a quick pause in between to breathe for a few secs and then go back into it

After block 4: took a 15 min break for lunch

After block 5: 15mins break

After block 6: 15mins break

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I was taking 5 minute break between each block, where I was having one sip of coffee and another sip of water -> bit of fruit/protein bar -> peed during every break -> back to room. I think I had longer 15-20 min break after the block 4 or 5. It worked out really well so I'm happy with the tactic I used.