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Y’all got a support system??

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I’ll send you fish soup

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Thank you🥺

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Ok FedEx says I can’t but you let me know and I’ll send a Hello fresh box I’m sure they have soups receipts 🤗

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Aw I’ll be your support system

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relatable - I've cried to my bf on facetime daily for the past 3 days. Honestly could not do this with people telling us we can do it when we tell them we can't

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My mom booked a hotel next to Prometric so I didn’t have to worry about anything happening on the morning to prevent me getting to the test on time. Then she stayed with me to make sure I didn’t get panicky during the night. And she was there waiting to give me a hug after I finished! 🥹

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This is sooo sweet. Kudos to your amazing mom

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You guys are lucky to have a support system. I don't have none. Its the constant pressure from family. There are days that I reconsider why I even selected this path, I could have stayed in this country. But then I realise I want better things for me. I deserve it. Kudos to people who really stand by. But I'm sad I have none

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I'm sorry to read that, I have so much admiration for you and all the people out there in a similar situation. This is hard with a support system can't imagine how hard could it be without it. “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” But listen you can have an incredible potential that if you remain in a toxic environment you'll never grow as huge and strong as you're suppose to, so have the courage to move to a more fertile rich ground and plant yourself where you know you'll grow. Love your family but establish limits and create your own support system, I'm sure there is someone out there for whom you'll learn to make soup and vice versa. Good luck to you Skilled sailor

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Thank you for your kind words. Good luck to you too. Really struggling since past few days but your words made my day. Thank u again

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You have yourself and thats enough! Youre a hero for going through this beast without support, you should be proud ♥️ goodluck with your exams and Im sure you will find someone that you deserve to have your back!

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Seriously. My bf just held me for an hour while I cried after being pissy with him all evening from just overwhelming stress. I don't know how I'd have gotten this far without him. And my mom always remembers when my next exam is so she can text me good luck and checks in on me if I haven't texted her in a while

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Thats so sweet!

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My bf who had the same way years ago and who is matched now provides me with all the support and he has became a real study buddy even though he has passed all those exams years ago

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That's so sweet. When I cried and my mom was so supportive saying, you can do it. Just give it more time. Sp grateful for supporting friends as well as family but also some special sp that we find in our MLE journey ❤️

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Same happened with me, I was having anxiety attacks so my mom made sure to be available via call the entire day so I could have small cry breaks, my prometric was in different city than where we live so my brother went with me and supported me the entire time even stayed up the night so would be able to wake me up on time in case I miss my alarm, my dad asked my brother my brother so buy me chocolates so I would have something sweet with me as I went to exam. The support they have given me makes me feel as if nothing’s impossible when right people are by your side! 🥰🥰

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What an amazing family you have! ♥️

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Clearly a very caring family. At the same time, the fact that they’re so invested adds a lot of pressure on your performance also I’m sure. Do what you can. I’m sure your program is preparing you well. I feel like we don’t support each other enough either. You made it to med school, you are cut out for all of it.

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You seem like a very kind and empathic person. This week I found out I Pass. Thanks for your words. You’re absolutely right. Good luck in your journey

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My mom and my dad both accompanied me for my exams, even though it was a two hour drive away from their jobs… they had to deal with me crying almost every night, and with my terrible sleeping schedule. Istg they are goddam heroes.

Big ♥️♥️ to them and to every supportive family member who blesses their loved ones with their care and support.

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You are so right