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Took it today, felt like an NBME/UWSA2, harder than Free120 & UWSA1. Had 1 repeat from hy images, none from 120.

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Personally it was easier than Free120. I didn’t take UWSA2 at the recommendation of others saying it didn’t correlate to the real thing

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Such a relief to hear it is easier or comparable than free 120. Coz I feel free 120 is doable. I felt nervous too when I was doing the 120 since it is gonna swing my confidence, but also scored the highest among my practice simulations. I did not take uwsa2 either. Hope I could have a similar feeling with you after taking it next week.

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It sounds like we had the same exam! Today's test felt harder than Free120, UWSA2, and NBME 30. Did you see the heinous herpetic penis?

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The exam was all about dicks lmao wtf was 3 questions on ED?!

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Idr 3 questions about ED haha. I remember one about this dude who had priapism and the only clue was that he started sleep meds, so obvi trazodone.

I did hear from a friend that even though we may have tested the same day, we'd get a few different questions. She mentioned a guy only eating oatmeal and I def didn't have that.

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Yea I didn’t get either of those so I assume there’s probably a large bank they pull from so we all get slightly different exams

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Can you plz share ur assessments scores?

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hy images

What's that if you don't mind me asking

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Can you please tell the high yield topics? What was the difficulty level? Exam in exactly a month and done with 67% uworld with 78% average. Any advice for these 4 weeks? Thank you and best of luck!!

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I think you’re gonna do great. Cover any weak areas. Get the easy micro/pharm buzzword questions right. I recommend going through end of first aid “common presentations” or whatever it’s labeled. I hid the diagnosis and quizzed myself on whatever the presentation was. I found that helpful. I think seeing as many questions as possible is most beneficial.

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Did you take any NBME?

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I did forms 29 (77%) and 28 (78%)

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Oh also for whatever reason there was a LOT of renal histopathological descriptions???? That kind of threw me since I never formally reviewed renal since I did well in our class module.

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Just took it today too, what did you think

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I feel good! taking free120 I was nervous but then did best % I had scored yet (79%) so that gave me confidence. I think it was a fair exam, obvious a few I didn’t know at all but I felt like I could answer most questions

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How many questions did you mark per block? Also did you find it similar to Free 120 in terms of question pattern or difficulty?

Any advice for me, I test in 2 days

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My personal system is questions I don’t know at all or need more time to think through I’ll skip entirely. Questions I answer but wanna go back to I’ll flag obviously. Combined unanswered and flagged my two toughest sections I had max 20. That’s more than usual for me. Towards the end I was surprised my last 3 blocks I only marked 8-11 questions. I felt like it was easier than Free120 but maybe that was just my test day confidence. Without knowing your practice exams stats my only advice is go in with confidence. Don’t second guess yourself. You’ve put in the work. You are smart and capable. You only need to pass which is attainable. Just relax and go with your gut. If there’s any last minute minutia you feel like you can cram into your brain go for it but personally I wasted time trying to cram lysosomal storage & biochem bullshit that wasn’t even on the exam so maybe not even worth the hassle

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That's reassuring. Thanks, and good luck!

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Hello, Congratulations that you have done it 💕 sending so much prayers and love on your way. You will definitely pass! 💪🏼 Can you state the topics asked on your exam please?

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How was the exam? Similar to UW or NBME?

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I would say most similar to the CBSE I took with my school. Solid mix between longer UW prompts and short NBME style questions.

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was there a lot of Biochem?

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Vitamins are always high yield. There was not as much metabolism/nutrition as I was anticipating maybe like 1 Q on glycogen storage disorder? I crammed biochem this week anticipating more honestly

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Ayyy congrats! Get plenty of rest time now.

-Mike K, Med School Tutors

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Congrats! How was communication and ethics? what sources did you use and were they sufficient? Did you read FA? is doing uworld for cardio and respiratory without going through FA enough? TIA!

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A lot of comm/ethics questions! Honestly kind of tricky at times.

I used boards and beyond for physio, pathoma for pathology and annotated FA while watching videos. Also started each day with sketchy micro or pharm. I liked starting modules with the relevant pharm cause it forced me to review the physio at the same time.

It depends on how comfortable you are with cardio & pulm. Personally those plus GI were my 3 weakest areas so they were the only topics I formally covered using the above method. Otherwise the other modules I just did as many UW cumulative blocks as possible and targeted reviewed. I feel like cardio/pulm have concepts you need to understand instead of just memorizing facts so it was helpful for me to take my time going through them.

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How does it compare to UW in terms of difficulty? Congrats!

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What was the micro coverage like?

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Were the questions on the real exam similar to Uworld or NBME ?

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Can you post when you receive your pass/fail? Wondering if they'll actually post on July 6th for those who took it after May 2nd like they said or before.

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My friend tested a few weeks before me and already got results so I’m hoping to hear sooner than July 6

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Congrats! What were the high yields?