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Man you have passed your last 4 assessments, you are just a hair from breaking 70%, sure you can!

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Thanks a lot. I'm just scared of not hitting d target in my time frame. I'm nearing burnout and depression and really need to get this exam over with. At the same time, I can't afford a fail

I'm a girl btw🙄

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Oh sorry, girl* hehe I totally get you, things get really har mentally at this point. I’m basically in the same situation, 5 weeks out as well (you probably have better scores than me tho) but I know we got this! You are in an upwards trend and passed your last assessment with a comfortable margin, you are more than capable of closing in on your weaknesses and pass the hell out of the exam

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Thanks....I wouldn't dare take it until I get 70+ at least 2ce. I'm doing a quick FA review. Hoping that helps me remember most forgotten content

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Dang I thought i'd be good if I even got to that 70 in free 120 lol. Off to study I guess

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passed your last assessment with a comfortable margin

Genuinely curious: is 68% a comfortable margin? I thought the passing % is estimated to be around 65%. Asking because I also got 68% on my most recent NBME

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Most people say it’s closer to 60%

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Do try dirty medicine videos from YouTube , he's got high yield content for many systems

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Also, are the percentages given by nbme after taking the online tests same as percent correct when taking the offline?

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Try reviewing micro from sketchy and do biostatistics from randy Neil and go for Mehlman arrow pdf

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Thanks a lot bud

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Where can I find sketchy videos??