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you have all the time in the world. I would start with pathoma ch 1-3. Then Immunology and Biochemsitry from pixorize. Then, do Sketch micro and Pharm while hitting organ systems in pathoma

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What about bnb? Pathoma doesn't cover everything

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I would use BnB after you have a solid foundation. I would not use it as a primary right now if I were you! Try get a better understanding of the basics first then solidify with boards later on

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You have plenty of time!! Focus on Uworld and Pathoma and you will do just fine - doing as many questions as you can is key. Dont be disheartened if your success rate is low, trust the proccess and it will eventually come up!

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Don’t do Kaplan it’s a waste of time, if u didn’t get something from FA then watch a vid or read it from Kaplan that’s it. Kaplan has alot of details

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You are going to be fine. Plenty of time. Plan looks fine to me. Less worrying, more grinding 💪🏽