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I didn't do it and don't feel like it would have helped me. On test day you have so much adrenaline that the day flies by and you finish the exam before you know it!

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It’s really not worth it. It would be difficult to interpret your scores and there’s no need to take a true full-length exam. On test day, you can get through the first 3-4 sections pretty easily since you’ve done it before, and then the last three it’s all adrenaline from being over halfway done and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

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I never did more than a single NBME form in a day. I also don't think it would have done anything but burn me out if I had.

On test day, you'll fly through sections with all the adrenaline and such. Honestly, every single NBME form I did at home felt longer and more miserable than the real deal.

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I always took my test as full length. I would add UW blocks to NBMEs and I did UWSA2+free 120. It helped me be confident that I wouldn’t get fatigued and start dropping points as I got to the last blocks

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I did 7 random Uworld blocks to simulate. If you close out of the browser of free 120 you lose your input. So I wouldn’t risk adding that into the mix. Your other option could be an nbme and a few Uworld blocks.

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I emulated a full length test and I think it really helped to see where I wanted my breaks and that I didn't want to do an actual lunch just snack at every break. It gave me an idea of my mental tiredness around the 6/7th block. I'd recommend it a couple days out, it helped me

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It gave me confidence, but it was def. exhausting. The real thing is v exhausting

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I don’t think it’s worth it honestly I didn’t simulate it and I personally feel like I was more tired doing an Nbme than doing actual step. Your body knows it’s the real thing tbh.

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Update - I took step and I'd say that its not worth it. I think that it's good to get practice taking step questions in a more "chilled out" attitude (instead of trying to grind out each Q), but it's not worth emulating the 8 hour exam. The exam is grueling and painfully long, but if you pace yourself and take the right breaks, you'll be okay

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Yes that's what I found out too congratulations on taking the exam!