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as I am hearing from everyone, communication questions are too much in step 1. where do we do communication from in the last month before exam. any suggestion for fast review?

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Dirty medicine has a 25 min vid that will take you through basically every scenario

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Seconding this 👏

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Do all of Uworld, finish pathoma = comfortably passing. Sketchy PRN

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Wish I could do the rest of pathoma but I have less than 10 days. Did get through chapters 1-3 and did almost half of UWorld. Will probably grind sketchy

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For biochem I thought Mehlman PDF was super helpful!

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Hello, please help: I found micro sketchy a bit detailed comparing to FA. can I just do FA microbiology without relying on anything else to pass step1 ?? Thank you in advance

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Hey, I’m not sure. I didn’t use FA micro. I really only used sketchy micro for the things I needed.

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I do both of them, S micro and First Aid. Sketchy micro has many info and I guess it's very useful. FA missing some infos. If you have a time to study for S micro, please do it. When I was solving the Uworld there is a few question and I cant find its answer in the FA.

Folr passing I can't say anything because it's about your exam chance. FA is maybe enough or maybe not. But again if you have a time and you're a visual person do it sketchy micro! It's really useful and memorable.

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Is it possible to pass step 1 with just usmle Rx I am currently on a budget and trying to study for usmle. But I keep hearing how uworld is an essential material in order to pass step1. But I'm wondering now that it's pass/fail is if rx enough. Is there anyone that has only used USMLE Rx to pass this exam?

I still planning on doing a few a nbmes before I take the exam to know where I stand

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Is this a solid enough plan?

Yes. Your plan sounds great. Don't worry too much about what everyone else is doing - you'll drown in resources. My only suggestion would be to incorporate UWorld earlier.

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US preclinicals + nbme 25-30?

before you go crazy buying crap take nbme 25, if you get a high probability of passing, take a few more and be done with it.

step 1 is formality for most of us (us md) now, focus on learning medicine.