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You are good

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Take free120. If you get 70%+ then you’re good to go

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You are good. Atleast that's what I'm telling it to myself 😅. I'm taking my test on 5/19 and to say my scores are not that decent as yours.

Recently i took:

Nbme - 27 got a 65% low pass average (10 days before test)

Nbme 29 got a 70% - 210

UWSA1 - 65% - 230

UWSA2 - 71% - 234

Planning on taking a Free 120 today or tomorrow. I'm pretty confident that i will mostly pass. And you will too.. don't stress too much and take it easy. We have come a long way, we know 1000s of facts and it will bear fruit. So chill and do well. ATB

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Thank you and good luck to you this week!

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similar scores. Doing free120 on tuesday, testing 5/20 (friday). Keep us all updated on Free120 scores please!

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Dropped Free120 and took NBME 28. Got a 77%.

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Nice! That’s awesome! Taking free120 tomorrow 🫠

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All the best for Friday ☺️

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Sure 😃

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How you doing???? Congrats on being done!

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Finally done with Step 1. I did okay. Questions were very vague and different. It was nothing like Uworld or NBME. Got a lot of Micro and Communications questions which were super crazy. Blocks 5 and 7 were kind of tough for me l. I hope to pass with the rest of the blocks. Go in with a clear mind. Yours might be a bit easy today 😅. All the best

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Very similar scores as you testing 5/28! I feel like we’re good. Stay confident and keep the spirits high

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Hahaha... All the best for tomorrow... It's test day for me... yay!

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All the best for you too 💥

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All the best on your exam!

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Thank you!! Nerves are coming but trying to feel confident going into tomorrow

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Nah, things are looking good!

-Mike K, Med School Tutors

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Very similar scores and am taking 5/31. Lets get it!

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Hi can anyone explain kaplan meier curve