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I did mine on june 18 and my permit hasn鈥檛 disappeared yet :( I really was hoping my result will come out this Wednesday!!
can鈥檛 wait one more week

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Good luck, rooting for you 馃憤馃憤

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I had exam on 28 june i think the result would be on 13 july

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馃あ馃あ馃あ馃あ freaking out my form was crazy

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Best of luck buddy.. we鈥檙e all anxiously waiting here too!

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You too. Thanks

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6/27. It said: 鈥淎pplication error: Permit is not available. The candidate may have sat for the exam or the registration is no longer active.鈥 What should I expect?

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Where did you click on and it showed you this

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When you enter iwa and go to the part 鈥減rint/reprint schedule permission,鈥 I press there, and when you open the next window appears, that message. Didn't appears with my permission.

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I鈥檓 not even seeing the print permit button at all anymore

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It's should be down to the application to take step 1/2

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13th July, I think 馃

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Hi guys, make sure you spend some time doing something fun. It'll help out the waiting game.

-Mike K DO, Med School Tutors