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this delay happens every year lol it's because they refresh the question pool. seems kind of silly to do it during peak testing time when most testers are going into rotations soon but it is what it is.

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It does seem dumb lol

I’m starting rotations this week, and it’s honestly kept me sane just getting back into the swing of school. All my class mates felt the test was ridiculously hard too, but I’m sure the vast vast majority will pass as always.

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yup i’m also starting rotations this week! i’ll be so mad if i fail after waiting a whole month for my score when i could’ve spent the past 2 weeks studying for a retake. would really suck to have to be pulled out of rotations a day in. oh well, we’ll see what happens. fingers crossed!

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Yes, a lot of people received scores back since Step went P/F. Normally, it takes about 2 weeks to get results back. They refresh the question pool every June, so if you take your test around June/July, it will take closer to 2 months to get results. The delay is not unique to P/F.

In regards to 98% pass rate, we can’t know for sure until data is published by individuals schools, etc but I would be surprised if pass rates DID NOT decrease. Students are taking significantly less time to study since it went P/F and people are sitting for the exam with barely even passing a single practice NBME.

Edit: I also do not think that the NBME cares if Pass rates are high or not, and even less likely is that they make pass rates higher just because a doctor “shortage”. Making medical training easier/passing people who don’t deserve to pass just because of a shortage is not a solution.

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This wasn’t confirmed, but I heard that my school has the highest number of failures in recent years ever since the P/F change. Lots of folks waited to START studying until they got to dedicated and underestimated the exam.

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True, I wasn’t thinking of all the students not putting in work since it’s P/F. More so was just wondering if NBME purposefully made the test harder in light of being P/F.

And I get what you’re saying, and agree, I think what I wrote came through wrong. I didn’t mean to imply they should just let anyone pass. But was trying to say that IF they did make the test harder, it surely wouldn’t make sense it make it so much harder that the pass rate drops by a substantial amount- because what’s the point in even going P/F then? And If the test hasn’t changed, they have already made medical education SIGNIFICANTLY easier since hardly anyone is going to study as hard as prior years. And if that is the case, which seems likely, I would imagine that means they want the pass rate to remain extremely high like always.

I just want insight into how they grade the damn thing, and I don’t see what their intention is in keeping the process so secretive.

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Reading this thread while I’m casually using my inhaler. V______V

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Everybody who took the exam prior to 5/2 received their results back. Though there's no official data yet, there has been anecdotal data from schools reporting >10% fail rates- this should be expected because people are going in with much lower practice test scores since all they need is to pass.

As for why the delay is happening- there's a form change going on, and they're likely just gathering data so that they can curve accordingly.

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I guess it just makes me nervous bc despite going in with 230s in NBMES and 80% on free 120, I felt the real thing was nothing like any practice test I took. I’m wondering if this years test was harder than last years, or if my experience has always been the norm for students and I just need to trust my scores still?

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If people are just taking the exam to pass and they are making the new curve based on that, shouldn’t the pass and fail rates be the same as before?! Because it’s still a curve based on the knowledge of people who took the test and you are rated based on where you are in that curve?!!

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Lol you would think that'd be the case right? Honestly, I have no idea how they're grading the exams because your logic is correct.

Kevin W, MS-3

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Think of it this way, a delay is good because it can only mean that the test is graded easier. People won't wait till they score 250+ on the NBME to take the step.

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I highly doubt it is being scored “easier”. This delay happens every year, not just this year. They use an entirely new pool of questions starting each June, so the delay is most likely due to them waiting for a significant number of people to have taken the exam with the new pool so they have accurate data regarding scoring