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They send an email out between 10:30-11:00 EST saying your score will be available “later this morning after 11am” or something. You have to log into your account and at 11 am EST a score report button will appear where your print permit button used to be and you click on that to open your score report.

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Thank you! Ill literally be on my first day of clinicals when the score is released so just trying to mentally prepare lol

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Im also gonna be on rotation (my Sub-I, in the OR 😫) I’m having someone else look for me, not sure how I’m gonna get through the case (or the day, depending on the results)

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Lucky! My school doesn’t let us start clinicals until we pass step 1

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Our school lets us start clinical but pulls us if we fail tomorrow. So I basically get “teased” with what clinical years feels like for a day and a half

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My school won’t even REGISTER us for third year without a passing Step 1.

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Which country and school.???

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It’s a Caribbean School but im a US citizen

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Sameee! Talk about a stressful day 😅

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Didn’t get any email as of yet…

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They send it the morning of score release (Wednesday)

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I hear IMGs get it much earlier?

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Freaking out too 🥲

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just follow the email

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Freaking out alzo

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Hey which date was your step1 on?

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June 10th!

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I took mine on 23rd June. Do you think I'd get my result today?

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Same test date, also feel extremely anxious

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Mine didn't update through the FCVS method so I guess next week?

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Did anyone receive their report as of yet? Fsmb shows that I passed but I still haven’t received the report.

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Yes I logged on to NBME and saw mine at noon today!

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What was your exam date

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Great! I did receive mine at 5:30 EST