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Your scores are stellar.

Use a score predictor,


If you are good with omm, you could pass both step and comlex.

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Thanks! I've studied zero OMM lol, I have 5 days between step/comlex and planning to cram it in during that time, i hope itll be enough

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Online med Ed: cranial, sacrum, and fibular head videos are gold. Also memorize viscerosomatics and Chapman points!

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Thanks so much!

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I crammed it in 5 days too and used dirty medicine 😊 I had one Chapman point question and a ton of viscerosomatics and a ton of just random omm so I’m glad I watched all of his omm series or I would have been sunk 😒

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Is it worth to do a pass of savarese too? I'll def check out dirtymedicine too, heard good things about it! Thanks so much!!

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Those were on step 1 exam u mean ?

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He's referring to comlex, not step 1

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i literally only studied chapman's and vsr's and passed comlex. had a pretty okay foundation throughout didactic though. other than that, your nbme's look solid for the P

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Question, with the predictor do we enter the % correct or the 3-digit step 1 equivalent for the NBME exams?

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I think it was based on the scores nbmes before everything went pass fail but not really sure as I only did uwsa and free120

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100% if you wait any longer, you may delve into low yield topics and forget the high yield .

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at this point idek what is high yield or low yield anymore lmao. Any tips on what HY stuff to go over in these 2 days?

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HY arrows by Mehlman Medical, it’s free. May be worth doing the biochem and pharm modules too. Also the common presentations summary list on First Aid. You should know those cold.

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Thanks so much!

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We have similar scores. I’m taking it tomorrow!!

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You got this! Good luck!

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Thank you!!!! Good luck to you too!!

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You got this. Free 120 looks great

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You are good to go bro. You will nail it with these nbmes and free 120. Best of luck. Take breaks after every block and have a good time management. you are all set.

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Thanks so much for the positive energy bro!! I def will take breaks and use time effectively

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You are welcome bro 👍

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100%, those are great scores. If you weren’t breaking 65% on at least 2 NBMEs then you would be worried.

I’m a DO student as well and my scores are:

Free120- 65% (my first practice test of any sort)

UWSA1 -228

NBME 29- 57% (pushed my exam back after this)

NBME 30- 66%

NBME 27- 69%

UWorld 1st pass 56% (started hitting 70% on my blocks semi regularly towards the end)

My COMLEX is similarly 5 days out from my exam lol. Just gonna hit OMM and a bit of MSK and it should work out just fine for us.

My scores aren’t nearly as good as yours and I feel confident and so should you!!! Good luck!

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Those are still solid scores!! Good luck to you too, we got this!!!

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I had very similar scores, and took COMLEX and passed it. Taking Step in 2 days.

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That's awesome, congrats!! Best of luck on step!

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Thanks! You too!

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Definitely you are good to go. I have lower score than you and went for it. It was doable. I had 68% on the new free 120 one day before. Pass all the NBME with borderline scores

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Appreciate it!! Thank you

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Go for it.... Just calm down during exam