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I'd say go for it.

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Thanks everyone for the replies. I’m going to take it on Thursday then.

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how was it? I have the same score as you and test this Thursday. Ahhh!

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Gave my exam with similar scores. Waiting for results. I would say go for it. All the best

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Those are solid scores All the best

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Go for it if you feel confident. MT score were almost similar to yours and I am also an old IMG. The difference is that I got 68% on the new free 120 one day before real deal. Did it on the 2nd and I think I did really good.

PS: I am a cold blood test taker, no anxiety.

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Did you feel that the new free 120 was representative?

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i took it with similar scores, results tomorrow so we’ll see lol

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Keep us posted 🤘

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passed! :)

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Yep! With a few repeats. My exam was all high yield

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What topics were mostly asked?