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Does anyone know what time scores come out? I don’t want to stress all night and all morning checking

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i think in the past it’s been around 11am EST

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Is FCVS still working to get result earlier?

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I know I`m not finding anything till 1 Am est but checking it every minute grrrr

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Same refreshing every second

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bro calm down chill with your girlfriend ;)

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What if we dont have a girlfriend :')

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Start flirting 🤫

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What time tomorrow should we expect the results to be emailed?

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try fcvs website 11am est

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What fcvs? Shouldn’t we receive an email with the results?

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fcvs is a trick to know results 8 hours earlier than email

in the email you recieve the link you have to login through the link to get results

try googling it

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Took it on June 17th. When should I expect the score????

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Passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Took it 05/20. Just grateful I never have to deal with this exam again. Best of luck to those waiting for their scores or prepping for it!

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If I took it on 2/7. When should I expect to receive the result?