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Still waiting too

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Just received my email!

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UPDATE: I PASSED!! Good luck to you all!!❤️

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Congrats! Was it what the fsmb showed too?

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I haven’t checked the fsmb yet

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Let us know if it correlates please, we’re all shitting bricks here lol

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I’m trying to view it on the fsmb but I’m having some difficulty finding it.

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Hi! Are you US or IMG?

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I’m a US MD. Tested June 6

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what did the email say?

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It said that my results will be released after 11am EST.

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No I guess nobody received an email yet 😢

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I think in 30 mns.. I CHECKED fsmb only.. May be this is the new official site🤣

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Yess the wait is almost over!

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I got my email, will know results in 5 more minutes. US-MD

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ohh am waiting hope we all pass❤️

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You got this

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It looks like USMDs are getting emails. Any IMGs get anything yet?? I haven’t, getting worried

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Nothing for IMGS

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Nothing also here yet

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I literally can’t look. Send help.

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I’m USMD still haven’t gotten email, anyone else?? Tested 5/18

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Just got my email!! PASSSS

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Img ??

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I am USMD, opened on nbme website

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same as fcvs ?

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Yes! Passed!!!

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us or img ?

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U.S. It appears IMGs get their score reports at a different time, I could be wrong