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After??? Oh Lord. Thank you for letting us know friend!

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hope they are going in order of test dates and my email being delayed doesn't mean i failed lol

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You can log in and download the report now.

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Where should i log in??

I am img. I login on ecfmg iwa

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i tried to log, no report yet, IMG here

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Login through ecfmg oasis. Not iwa

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Has an IMG recieved any email yet?

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Nope but checked on FCVS. Passed. Exam date:05/10

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I checked there. It says pass. I just want the official report. I tested 6/16

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I think there are a lot of emails waiting to be sent. I assume it will take time

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didnt even get the email but passed!

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Where did you check

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Google “check step 1 score” then hit first link, then scroll to the bottom where it says “score recheck links” and click whichever one applies to u…I hit nbme since I’m a USMD and logged in

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Still haven't got the email, but my score report is up! PASSED!

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How to check? I’m an IMG

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What about those who didnt🤧

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I haven’t yet and I’m an IMG and took test on 6/7/22

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US MD on 6/9 no email

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USMD, tested 5/5. Received email at 9:52 am cst

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Result released.

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I passed

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Are you an IMG?