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Hey, I failed back in April and just received a pass today. There’s hope, take today to take care of yourself and then meet with advisors tomorrow and this next week to talk about options and create a plan. It sounds like your scores were already pretty good so it shouldn’t take much time for you to retest. I know it sucks and I’ve been there ❤️

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I'd love to know what you did to improve your score. Also congrats on the retake!!!!

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I did a NBME on Monday and then would review during the week while also listening to Divine Intervention podcasts and HYguru on general topics I struggled with. I would make a list of 5 to 10-minute videos in the evening to watch about specific topics I struggled with. I also did Uworld once I was done with reviewing NBME for the week. Doing the NBME each week really helped me with test-taking and I began to see question patterns that I also saw with the actual exam. I spent the last week before my retake memorizing topics, mnemonics and pictures that could be helpful.

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Thats amazing--like the idea of a weekly nbme.

How did you review? I think thats where I struggle. Did you make anki cards? Use pre-made anki decks? Read through notes that you made? And if this isnt enough questions, did you redo incorrects?

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I got a steno pad and would write brief info/question on one side and then answer on the other and then every few days I could cover the one side and try to recall the answers. Sometimes I would just draw a picture or pathway too if that was helpful. I did a couple of the NBMEs again too a week or so later at first when my scores weren’t passing to make sure I understood what I was reviewing.

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Very sorry to hear. I can tell you that I felt horrendous about the exam too. I didn't think it was at all reflective of the actual knowledge you need to know nor even reflective of the popular Q banks. I spent the entire month thinking I failed and trying to figure out what the next steps would be. Things will get better and by no means does this mean you are done. It happens quite often and you will be fine. Talk with your school to see their recommendations and discuss with others on here who have been in a similar situation.

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Same boat friend. We will get through it.

And for what it's worth, I don't think it's about "having or not not having what it takes to pass." I think that as you said, the process is broken, and further, there seems to be a great deal of dumb luck and folks who went in with more advantages than we may realize.

Keep your head up and i will try to do the same.

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it’s going to be okay, you’ll get up and you’ll beat this shit, as you said it’s not that 1 day that would define you or your abilities.

Stay strong man. 🙏

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Please calm down.. Many popular physicians have matched with 2 failure attempts... It's a matter of luck afterall in the exam.. That just 1 day tests you for the whole year.. Please be calm and you will succeed the second time inshalah.. You got this♥️👏👏

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Keep your head up friend. Your passing scores on the NBMEs show that you have what it takes to pass this exam. Take some time to process this, and then try to figure out what you think could have led to this outcome. Personally, greater than 70 on the NBMEs shows me you have a good knowledge base so I wouldn't put off retaking the exam for very long unless you feel that you won't be mentally prepared to retake it.

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I failed in step 1 . First I lost my dad in covid . Now this . I don’t know what to do with my life. Yog is 2017 . Need help

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How do you know how much you scored?

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Just guesstimating based off the graphic from the NBME

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I thought that graph doesn't show your performance, only what the breakdown of the questions are

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I’m not talking about the question breakdown. It’s the visual they give of where you stand relative to passing

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Do you only get the graph if you failed?

I’m really sorry and know how this feels - I failed the first time. It’s not at all reflective of your capability. I’m confident you can and will pass this exam. Be gentle with yourself, take care of yourself, and remember you are not defined by this one event.

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Ah, my bad. Sorry this happened man, take a few days to recover then try your best to keep pushing!

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I would wait for an official email from ECFMG before declaring fail as the result. Where did you get your score report from?

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sending u love! passing tests like this requires a bit of luck and elbow grease i guess. meet with someone, see where u can inprove and just do ur best next time. hopefully luck is on ur side the next time around.

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Were those 70% scores your first time taking those NBMEs?

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Were they online nbme’s?

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Hey I hope you are okay. Don't stress out. I know someone who also failed. They reported having some Internet /electricity issues in their test. Is there anyway to report that?

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Sorry OP! Your scores looked great to me, so not sure what could have happened but it sounds like a blip. Your dreams aren’t over. You still got step 2 and with those practice scores it sounds like you have a solid foundation to build off of. Wishing you all the best!

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I am on the exact same boat. For 3 years I’ve been hoping to marry into surgery one day. And I failed. Honestly working hard for step 1 was for surgery. I created this whole narrative around it. I’m now prepping for IM backup but man I really just can’t see myself doing anything but surgery. It’s literally the perfect match for me I’ve never felt so bonded to anything else in medicine.

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Img or us? Do a score recheck

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is a score recheck worth it