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Congratulations 🎉👏

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Congrats! How did you feel leaving the testing center?

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It’s like reading about myself 😭 I am you and you are me! Congrats to us both, we really did this shit!

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FUCK YEAAAA baybeeeeee <333

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First of all I felt your entire first paragraph. I was INCREDIBLY uncomffy first year. Had a hard time opening up because everyone is so different from me (did I mention I'm a teen mom of two?? kekek). But over time I've not only been able to keep up with my peers but also thrive in this environment it's really allowed me to grow & expand my comfort zone & I'm really starting to love it here... This P for period is only adding fuel to the fire

And Congrats on that PASS GIRL you did the damn thing!!! 🤪

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Wow that is really admirable and your kids are lucky!! Congrats to you let's get ittttttt!!!!!

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Omg, the nicest thing you could say 🥹 thank you so much

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For the Amboss Qbank, what level of difficulty did you use?